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By Anonymous - 15/01/2012 02:00 - United States

Today, while spending the night at a friend's house, I was woken up by someone kicking me. I figured she was having a nightmare, and since we were sharing a bed, I reached over to wake her up. Turns out it was her boyfriend trying to push me off the bed because they were having sex. FML
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Ew they didn't have the decency to wait till you're gone??


He ruined possibly the best chance for a threesome, he should be ashamed of himself

That would've been so awkward.. Eh. You have a really weird friend by the way..

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Very true some people have no consideration.

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And I thought it was bad when my roommate thought I was asleep and brought in someone to his bed for a little win the awkward moment award friend

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94, you're like 12. You don't know anything.

You'd be surprised what 12 year old's know nowadays, 95.

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Damn, even if he didn't want a 3 some they should have either left or had sex on the floor or still rude but better ask you to leave the room for awhile cuz he's just a douche for trying to kick you off FYL OP .

i wouldv'e run away myself. what a sick friend

I'd say equally rude of the friend to try hooking up when you're sharing a bed with your friend -_-; common sense is all but dead

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All those thumbs down are the people who have threesomes with their friends...or who want to..

Can you guys just stop and think about it? OPs friend is having sex with her boyfriend on the same bed OP is sleeping on... That's ****** up

Ew they didn't have the decency to wait till you're gone??

If I woke up to that I'd freak out and shove the both of the bed! That's just sick!

I don't understand why she DIDN'T freak out on the both of them. That is just completely inconsiderate and disgusting /:

Not to mention, what kind of person has so little self control that they can't wait one night until they aren't sharing a space so intimately with a friend? Those must be some serious animal urges.

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Well now you know not to sleep over at your friend's house

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We don't know how good he was. You could have been right about it begin a nightmare!

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It's funny how when posters like person or other 'famous' posters make spelling or grammar mistakes no one corrects them though they probably would have done so had anyone else made that same post. Just saying

Your friend & company should have the decency to kick you out of the room first. That's just a really uncomfortable position to be in.

Or they could always just wait till op was not sleeping over like normal people

alphaskater09 9

Was that a pun referring to an uncomfortable sex position? I thought it was funny

Or the decency to NOT DO IT WHILE SHE'S HAVING A SLEEPOVER! I'd be do pissed, that A) I'd leave that not and not talk to her for awhile and B) never sleep over her house again.

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Wtf why would you try to have sex when there's someone sleeping RIGHT there.. Fly op they have no decency.

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That's awkward. What were you supposed to do after vacating the bed? Just stay in the room and listen?

Huddle in the corner and cover your ears!!