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  extrasnipes  |  22

okay guys the thing about university and getting high ranks is that you usually get no experience from learning from books. employers would want someone who has work experience in the field

By  mamaReese  |  0

Yeah, my dad has a PhD, plus many additional certificates and other levels of degrees, and exceptional grades throughout his elementary/high school/college years, and it's still hard for him to find work because we moved to Canada from Asia. Even though he got his PhD from England and studied for some time in Hawaii. It's hard, even for very qualified people.

By  Stay_beautiful  |  0

just because you have a PhD, doesn't mean you'll get a job. Employers do look for more then JUST a degree, you know. Employers are also looking for experience. If you have a degree, but no experience, you can't be expected to be hired. It's just the way it goes.

  spktr  |  1

I agree with 18. just coz you have a phd does not mean you're a walk-in. maybe it's your arrogance and unrealistic expectations that lost you potential jobs