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  nix1993  |  41

#28 You know how when kids are like aggressively picking their nose, people sometimes say 'are you digging for gold?' (or sometimes 'treasure') I think #12 was trying to make a joke about that.

  barbsillvy  |  10

I also saw my soon to be ex husband eating his booger, I think he forgot I was in the car with was not very easy to kiss him after that... Yuck!

  mu89  |  4

I will start off saying that I am not condoning what she did, but... There have been studies on the matter that show ingesting your own mucus can help boost your immune system.

  Dekat121  |  24

#69 is completely correct, also mucus from your nose is exactly the same as the mucus in your mouth, just dried up from all the air. also just for more gross factor, mucus from your nose is going down your throat of every second of every day.