By sadex / Monday 9 March 2015 07:52 /
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  El_Boxeador  |  14

I can't know for sure, but it would've been an important piece of information to not mention since it would've made the FML that much more FML! But who knows, I might be wrong

  khoov19  |  20

ur not an asshole. ...nd ur not the only one tht thunks wht you thought. what you are is a romantic nd thts a great thing!!!

  khoov19  |  20

@57 Grow the fuck up! I'm so sorry you didn't care for the grammatical choices I made and the one subsequent misspelled word in my response. I'm sure I'll try harder to improve and impress people such as yourself as a result of your ingenious response to my comment. This repentant thought of mine is only a direct result of you ever so descriptive and yet colorful and obviously time consuming biographic description you have so eloquently listed on your profile page. Obviously I'm the one lacking in educational prowess and your intellectual superiority far supersedes mine. Thank you so much for showing me the light!!!

By  ajs1987  |  15

Maybe it's destiny that you'll be together since you think so much alike . . . jk, if the breakup was painful then I'm sure he's your ex for a reason.

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