By leve80paladin - 25/10/2010 15:06 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and my parents staged an intervention, and have asked me to go to rehab. What they want me to go to rehab for? World of Warcraft. FML
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If your parents AND your girlfriend felt you needed an intervention, then you are spending far too much time gaming. It is an addiction just like drug abuse. Time to take their advice, get some help, and get a life. A real life, not an on-line life.

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Seriously... Everyone blames the game. Never blame the weak people that plays it. dumb people.


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denbeste 3

Seriously... Everyone blames the game. Never blame the weak people that plays it. dumb people.

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the weak never blames oneself.

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I don't think he was blaming the game so much. It's a perfectly fine game when played in moderation. Hell, I used to play and it was a nice way to play a game with my friends who live in diff parts of the country.

not blaming the game but op seems to be a excessive addict probably spend half his day in the world of Warcraft.

exactly. I used to play games like that for hours upon hours. then when my first wife told me its either the games or sex at 20, I decided I rather have sex more than playing video games

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I don't understand how people get addicted to WOW. I played for almost a year, maxed out two characters, then it just got boring.

Its easy if you do not hold a job and have lots of time to play games. I could play simcity 4 for hours easily if I didn't set an alarm after 1 hour to let me know its been an hour. Some games you can get into and lose track of time very easily

139 - It's when you have intercourse with a vent.

Hell no. WOW ftw. Screw them, you make your own choices. To hell with them If they don't agree. lvl 80 shadow priest, and 70 blood elf dk :D

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#151 I have 2 80 human and Be paladins with 1 NE 80 hunter with another NE 80 druid, the only reason why I have alot of maxed toons is because I played from the start. if you're for a game to suck you in than don't play videogames.

PLAY STARCRAFT 2 AN HALO REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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warcraft is assisting, and also controllable :)

They probably just saw him playing the game and remembered all the sob stories they heard. My mom acted the same way, but I convinced her that wasn't true. I never got addicted. I couldn't even focus on grinding gold for my epic flier. When Cataclysm comes out, i'm gonna play WoW again. Right now I'm a Steam Gamer. TF2 is so epic.

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@ #81yeah i didn't even max out one character and i quit. i would just as soon play Civ4 or Fallout as play an MMORPG.

#151 - Get out and get a job, you no-good rash to society!

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rofl!!!!!!!!!!! dude you are like the winner of this thread

yes but he probably played for 3 days straight like nyhm did when wotlk came out. he had to go to the hospital

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Tell them they removed Divine Intervention from the game.

MY LIFE FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha I dint even get two I got one and one 65

The OP is a level 80 paladin according to his name. what a noob the level cap is 85 now :p

Or you could go and make real friends in the outside world. I hear the sun still shows in the sky everyday.

He can't stop now, he's a level 80 paladin! He has gone too far to give up now!

I fail at life and everything else. I like corn in unnatural places. Please mock me and vote me down.

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A lung oddly shaped like a ****? A person with a **** so far in their throat it's in their lung? I'm curious as well . >_>

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Weird, because I've always looked at you as my red headed step child. Come over here so I ca... *Beats with a belt*

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Well, this could work out, because I beat her quite frequently.

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Shall I call the police? Nahhhhh......... Just gonna grab some popcorn and a chair and watch :) Anyone care to join? It's movie theater style......

#2 full of win because he has an awesome taste in games

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Don't let them take wow away! Cataclysm is so close!

duuude, world of war craft is awesome but it costs way too much. call of duty is better and cheaper.

*call of duty on ps3 is way better. fixed it

call of duty on PS3 is better yes! :D

A girl?! Talking about video games?! MARRY ME!!!

#34 There are more gamer chicks than you think there are...

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More than likely it's a guy pretending to be a girl. Rule #1 of WoW, no girls play.

43 I play WoW, girls enjoy the game too. I've been a gamer ever since I was young on the super nintendo!

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The only ones in my family that play WoW are the girls. (my mom, sister, and me)..........

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43, I play WoW and have spoken to many girls in game. I've even hung out with a WoW nerd chick. I'm friends with some on Facebook, and while a few aren't attractive, there are a few who are very attractive.

CoD isn't even in the same gaming genre as WoW, therefore they can hardly be that easily compared. WoW =/= CoD.

80 - In terms of how people can become addicted to either game rather easily, I think they can be put in the same category. I realize they're for two entirely different systems and they're two entirely different gaming styles etc, but the "addictability" despite that not actually being a word is what gets me.

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I've found WoW way more addiction than cod, but thats just me. That being said, I don't play it obsessively but I can see how one, with nothing else to do, could spend days playing. I try to play in moderation and it works for me

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I'm a girl? and I play more games then any of my guy friends! And I'm not fat lol

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All of you guys are ******' stupid.

147 - And your grounds for saying that are...

The only ones in my family that game(not including my sadass brother that is 22 and has been playing runescape since he was 14) are me and my sister. We both used to play wow but it got expensive and switched to free MMOs. I know plenty of girl gamers, just it's hard to have people to believe you are a girl because of the majority of guys. Some games have a lot of girls compared to guys, but they're usually shite.

Why, 'cause it's -free-? You get what you pay for with xbox live, and for only $60 a year ($5 a month), the quality you get is nice. Much nicer than the PS3's. Not to mention that now they have PS3 plus, which you have to pay for, and is really a drag when you don't see it next to something the first time.

2 - Call of Duty is better to you, but maybe not to otgers. In terms of depth and whatnot, WoW reigns suprememe.

Holy Beautiful #107 if girls I knew played video games n looked like u.... damn

COD is a piece of shit and so is your face.

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dood, I'm playing WoW right now while listening to music on my ps3. People need to get over the stereotypes already. Welcome to the present.... Yeah, girls play video games now. <3

lol 43 my ex plays wow and cod. and she is very attractive. just because every gamer chick you hit on turned out to be a dude

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I've never really liked WoW very much. Fallout, Halo, Call of Duty... all much better in my opinion. And they serve as pretty good ways to waste your life, too. I know from experience :(

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what 177 said about her brother was hilarious.

PC, ftw! MMORPGs are fun but I have to say Battlefield rapes CoD. I've played both and I always opt to play Battlefield. I've never been into WOW. It doesn't really interest me much.

Girls play css ALOT, there every where on that game.


medal of honor is a crap copy of COD

This FML made me laugh. Not 5 minutes ago I just got of WoW after a 24 hour grind session. :xD

I'd say fyl if you said you played for like an hour a day, but if you had to have an intervention, you probably deserve it

They're probably not doing this without good reason...

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&gt;World Of Warcraft How the hell do you have a girlfriend?

I'm a girl that likes wow. my boyfriend, however, doesn't.

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Don't be an idiot. Plenty of sociable, good-looking, awesome people play and are in a relationship.

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#42 You best be joking foo. Everyone knows that people who play WoW cannot integrate within normal society, so they take refuge in WoW in order to be with their own kind.

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Need not you make generalizations. It is best if we listen to the wise words of Yoda, my young Padawan.

hey, i started playing WoW because i have aspies and the fact that youd lump all of those turds who cant socialize on their own because they are dumbasses and not because their brain is wired different and makes them that way is kind of insulting. they choose to be anti-social in real life, and some use WoW as a therapy tool.

I agree.. wow equals lifeless.. :-P

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What about girls who play? You expect them to have girlfriends too? I know quite a few married couples who play together. Far to many people think those that play a computer game means no life when I know people who play CoD more than those that play WoW.

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I play WoW and have a girlfriend. But I'm a girl, so maybe I don't count. :p

145 - My bro plays WoW, likes metal, skateboarded for a while, played guitar for a while, and has a girlfriend. Who is not ugly, either. And then there's my other brother, who is a horrible person. The people, not the game.

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I got my boyfriend into WoW and now we play it all the time together. Sure, it costs monthly, but it's a whole lot cheaper than going out to the movies and dinner every Friday night. We still go out and socialize, go to jobs, school and the gym... and still have free time. WoW doesn't mean you don't have a life, it just means you have some free time to which you spend on your interests, just like anyone else who spends their time in their interests, may it be painting, playing ball, whatever. It is just a way to spend some free time. Dummies.

It's ok if a girl plays and has a boyfriend, but it's weird if the guy plays ann he has a girlfriend.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone who plays WoW can even come close to have relations with a member of the opposite sex, regardless if that member is a WoW player. Take #221 for example, you say that it's more economical to stay in every night and play WoW then to go out and have real fun. But perhaps you and him have children one day (God forbid), what the hell are you going to tell them when they asked how you met, or even what you did while you were dating? I don't think tales of slaying pixelated monsters and farming for gold is going to entice them at all. So here's some advice for you WoW players. You're still young, don't give into the corporate greed of Blizzard, go out and have an actual life and make memories worth sharing 20 years later!

id say ydi for playing that game in first place, and fyl cause u have to go to rehab :)

WOW is lame! dont let it ruin ur life! just say'n

I read this as WOW that's so lame xD hehe

WOW is lame! dont let it ruin ur life! just say'n