By Anonymous - 05/03/2012 20:35 - France

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting it on in a water park changing stall. A woman and a security guard barged in and angrily told us that there were children around. We were escorted out of the park wearing nothing but our swimsuits. FML
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stormer461 13

Wearing nothing but your swimsuits? Isn't that how a water park works?


You were indecent, I'd throw you out too :s

How the frick did you think that was going to end???

And it's a water park. What's wrong with being escorted out in swimsuits?

mauguster 15

I did work at a water park. Pigs like this guys made my job suck.

Yes what he did was wrong but every guy knows that if his girlfriend wants to fool around he will almost always say yes. Why he I'd is disgusting but unfortunately I can see myself sound the same thing.

RochelleRedvines 8

You really should've seen that one coming, OP.

hellbilly205 17

I agree with 53 whats wrong with being escorted out in swimsuits in a waterpark?

LAWL they are Maroon Five. Wherever you want get inside it

I don't get what's wrong with the swim suits. Are they being thrown into the cold? It seems at a water park people show up in their bathing suits.

Nikkitaria 9

Well what are they supposed to do outside of a waterpark with nothing but a bathing suit?

The guy probably had an erection, so it might have been awkward.

I know doing it in a public place is often a turn on for couples, but you shouldn't in a place that you know has lots of kids at any given time. Plus, even though a lot of couples choose to do it in public places, it was your choice, so if you get caught you deserved it.

I agree with #234. You wouldn't have done it with small children around.

Wearing your swim suits in a water park, first world issue.

Seriously, what made you think that was a good idea?

What a ******* idiot. At least rent a cheap motel room or something

grmnxsensati0n 4

anyone else realize they r at a water park whats wront with only wearing swimming suites?

nofearjenshere 12

Immediately after I read "getting it on in a waterpark changing stall," I went down to see how much YDI was dominating.

1x1y 12

In America they have laws that you can get it on in a public changing long as you use protection....JK bt seriously what if a kid did walk in on you guys you have to be more cautious of your environment....AND is it that bad to have to leave on wearing a swimming suit or did you want to suit up before you were escorted out that is all

#75 - For real. Motels are cheaper than water parks where I live anyway... what a waste of money and time.

kittykat72 4

YDI. A family watermark is a public place

AkshaySauce 5

If I ran the water park, they would be forced to wear a (used) chastity belt for the duration of their visit. If they can't keep their genitals in check, I will.

Redoxx_fml 22

They deserve it for trying to join the mile deep club in a water park. The ocean is a much better choice

90- It's not possible to be a mile under water with current civilian technology.

starman02 12

Thank you #143 for stating the obvious!

143, so those complete civilians who went down to the titanic, which last I checked is 2 and a half miles under, couldn't have done it as current civilian technology is unable to accomplish that. Right, that is not at all bull. See, call someone out on something that didn't need to be called out on as it was understandable, I will appear and blow your bull shit out of the water.

velvetwings 8

Um..right...because the second anything comes out of the pressurized suit, squish!

Hiawassee 9

237, If you're talking about the people who discovered it down there, they used a submarine to get down as far as they could, and then one of those robotic diving cameras to get closer . They didn't just pack up extra air and keep on swimming ...

would you want your kid (when you have one) to see two strangers having sex.

Would you want your kids (if you have any) not to know what a question mark is?

PandaPandamoneum 0

Better than the violence on TV, but I guess I'd go for neither.

you realize the post said they were in a changing room stall not just in the public. someone would have had to find them

I remember when my guild was raiding naxrammis, I was the third tank. I only had 24k health unbuffed and I let my group die. I got kicked out of the raid, and I cried to my mom because my guild has jerks in it.

Isn't that the morning after a night of drunken partying? The one after you wake up and go through the OMG WTF moment?

miss_booboo_8 0
stormer461 13

Wearing nothing but your swimsuits? Isn't that how a water park works?

Shootermtd25 7

exactly what I was thinking

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stormer461 13

12 - The fact that they were having sex in the changing room implies that they weren't using it for changing.

..... so? They had to walk out to the street in swim suits instead of normal clothes. Not really seeing your point. But hey, keep thumbing down even when facts are in front of you.

12- when I go to waterparks I usually wear a swimsuit to it. I'm not like "what should I wear to the water park, a swimsuit or a suit? I think a suit."

So you drive or walk to the park while you're wearing nothing but a swim suit? You don't go to it wearing normal clothes, then use the CHANGING ROOMS to CHANGE into a swim suit, then change back to regular clothes when you want to leave? God you're so ******* retarded, it's almost unbelievable.

i wear a shirt and shoes too. its not retarded, its smart thinking.

Petunia888 13

Yes, 30: insulting the ones who don't agree with you is the perfect persuasive tool. Are you related to Rush Limbaugh?

Hey, I'm only insulting cause you're ignoring facts, what the OP says.. Last point: the OP mentioned the changing room and "escorted out in swim suits" parts specifically, so OBVIOUSLY no, they don't do as you do and it was humiliating to them not being able to get into proper clothes first. How's that so hard to understand?

You seem a little tense Shrike. Have you ever tried meditation? It may help.

Okay, who pissed in Shrike's cornflakes THIS time? Or is it just widdle Shrike's time of the month? Huh? WHO'S A PISSY WIDDLE BABY? SHRIKE IS! YES HE IS!

samikitty961 8

I don't see what's so embarrassing about wearing nothing but a bathing suit. Maybe it's a Florida thing, but we walk around in just bathing suits all the time here.

Wicked361 8

I wish DocBastard would just put you in your place because you're being stupid and immature for saying 7 is retarded... I don't wanna live on this planet anymore... Smh

You sir or mam are part of why little kids shoot up schools you pester people till they get pissed enough to hurt somone soo stop the bullying and leave the person alone

Some people leave waterparks in their swimsuits

twistedlovex 0

Shrike, It's not the ******* facts dumb ass it's an opinion on whether or not it is appropriate to wear your swimsuit while leaving a water park! (even if the reason is because they were doing it in the changing room.) In my OPINION I think it's okay to show up fully clothed or in a swimsuit and leave fully clothed or in a swimsuit. I have done both many times.

They also said FML not "I'm an idiot" so what they say can be pretty inaccurate.

CoolRainbowdash 15

Where is DocBastard when you need him

Thank you!! That's what I said when I read this!

And you sit, are either careless or thinking that we are animals

nofearjenshere 12

Shrike can suck a dick. All he does is start arguments. What is this, Facebook??

arcanevandal 0

Out of all of the water parks I've been to, I've never seen people going into or out of the park wearing normal clothing (such as jeans, etc). People usually just wear their swimsuit with a t-shirt. Most people going to waterparks are tourists so they choose to change in the privacy of their hotel room. If they're local most just change at home

So what if you walk out in just your swimsuit..... You walk around the water park in it. Big deal. It'd be shittier if you walked out covering yourselves with your belongings.

megapeyt 17

Couple of things real quick Shrike, chill man, before someone DOES bust a nut, or grab an AK, or convert to Wicca. Seriously dude there is no need for the profanity, the anger, I read someone saying you should meditate (sorry for failure to quote!) but seriously dude, lay off the hot sauce and cool it. OP, I think YDI, not for the sex part, (yes I said SEX) but because of your choice of location. There had to have been other options. A little touch, sure, full blown banging? Really man? Show some class. You're at a water park, not your bedroom. Jeez what's that thumping sound on the changing room wall??? :)

PYLrulz 17

I'll give shrike credit, the troll stuck around for his beating rather than "throw a grenade, then watch from afar the chaos"

TunechiXXL 0

70 I think it's hilarious that you want docbastard to comment, you don't have the words to put this person in their place by yourself?! Pathetic!

ByronJess 17

Why go through all that changing to go to a water park? I wear my swimsuit and some shorts. Why bring a whole outfit when it is going to get wet because you are wet?

Why go through all that changing to go to a water park? I wear my swimsuit and some shorts. Why bring a whole outfit when it is going to get wet because you are wet?

Did anyone think of what if it's one of those indoor waterparks? This time of the year in France is still pretty much winter time, so being escorted out in your bathing suits is not the same like in the summer time in Florida.

PYLrulz 17

I don't see why people WOULD show up in normal cloths and change afterwards. Me... Shoes, swim trunks, and a T-shirt. "But you come out of the water park wet... Whatever will you do?!?!" Hmm... I dunno... Maybe sit on the towel in the car on the way home?

kmarie7823 7

I don't see what's weird about leaving in your bathing suit..I live in FL and when we go to water parks really everyone just wears their bathing suit to and from..maybe a towel/shirt overtop they can pull off but no need to wear regular clothes..

Yes because after after getting caught hooking up in a public place, what they were wearing while being escorted out of the place is what was humiliating. I don't think that's the worse of their problems. They should be able to look around and realize the only reason they're being stared at is the fact they're being escorted out. OP made it sound as if being escorted out in their swimsuits is the worst of their problems. You need to chill out.

HannahWho 8

Maybe, just maybe, the people would not let them grab their belongings?

Obeyy19 4
samikitty961 8

158-- Oops. That's right. Sometimes I forget that it gets cold during the winter in other places in the world...

42- *facepalm*. Are you ******* kidding me.

#42- if it was humiliating for them not to be able to change into proper cloths but they were alright with banging each other in the change room full of people? Think again ;) You need to relax and face the facts. OP - YDI all the way. No respect at all.

Strike how about you stfu and stop cussing at people dumbass. You an ignorant prick bitch.

What would you be wearing at a water park, business attire?

Andr913 13

I was wondering about this also. If they had been escorted out while still nude it'd make more sense.

bizarre_ftw 21

Sounds about right. At least that was my answer in French class today "Je vais au la plage." "qu'allez-vous porter?" "un costume avec un imper et mes tallons" ^_^ Then again, I did get some odd looks.... *thinks about it* I'm getting the feeling a suit, raincoat, and high heels is Not the expected attire for such an event..... O.o

SignUpisntcool 3

What else would you be escorted out in, it's a water park, unless you meant you forgot something.

I feel like he meant to put "birthday suits."

miss_booboo_8 0

I was thinking the same thing lol

what did u expect u sick ****... u enjoy gettin off to the sound of kids around