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By Alfie4 - 05/03/2012 22:30 - United Kingdom

Today, my son asked me for advice over his girlfriend not "respecting" his pathetic need for near-constant sex. I got so bored listening to the misogynistic horseshit spewing out of his mouth that I totally zoned out. I came to as he started hurling abuse at me for not siding with him. FML
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I sense a castration for your son in the near future.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Time to train that child! Be a parent and teach them to respect women... It any romantic partner regardless of gender for that matter


He's your son. YDI. For raising a bad child and being a bad listener.

I sense a castration for your son in the near future.

Parents bed to learn they raised the child

I don't know what "bed to learn" means, but I sincerely hope OP knocks some sense into his son.

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I put that into google translate to try and figure out what language it was, and it came out with "...". So it looks like we'll need a professional translator out here stat.

holly1398 5

These FMLs have been so poetic recently.

**** your son to be honest. He should learn how to respect a woman, and not bullshitting with his need for constant sex.

I am loving the vocabulary in FML's these days.

Is it just me or are people getting stupider and stupider by the minute? I guess nobody went to school to learn punctuation or spelling.

PYLrulz 17

119 - Then where is that comma between me and or?

119, I hope you're using 'stupider' ironically. (Just because it is becoming accepted from overuse doesn't mean we should allow it.) OP, I don't know where you're getting all this sympathy from (based on current FYL/YDI numbers) but he is your son and, as a father, you should have taught him better (unless he learned by example?) YDI

mizzy1 0

Exactly! finally someone says what u did I completely agree with u op needs to teach his son what's right n wrong not ignore him! I means what's up will all u ppl it's like everyone is just horrible these days.

pigbilly 0

You get your balls cut off first you uncaring asshole, it's not the childs fault that the father is a horrible parent

shift_love 13

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What's not to understand? He's a horny little bastard.

shift_love 13

It's a will smith reference. It's just meant to be ironic.

wolfshadow 4

Reminds me of the song Rage Against the Machine covered. Kill a Man Parents just don't understand, how I could just kill a man!

The father gets to use his fists, right?

My dad uses the metal buckle on his belt. Then he usually takes a nap.

My father likes to piss on me after he's done putting my face through the wall.

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I don't know if I should have kids of not. I hate them because they are whiney, but I love changing diapers and wiping the kids hiney.

KiddNYC1O 20

Haha. Time the **** out, 65.

perdix 29
perdix 29

I guess the Michael Caine fans weren't feeling very thumby today :(

I tried thumbing up. only the reply button works. give it time, perdy, they'll catch on.

Where have you gone man?! You and FYLDeep have disappeared lately. You guys were FML gods xD

I saw this comment and that made me make an account... Hate it when people say that to me. :L

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You're a ******* idiot. I would zone out too if my son was ranting away like a ******* idiot and only shit was coming out of his mouth. I'm surprised he didn't just smack the bitch instead of sitting there entertaining the ideas of the idiot. Till the moron learns to respect women and his father he deserves none.

OP probably didn't want to hear his/her son complaing about their sex life. would your parents want to hear that from you?

11 you shouldn't base someone's intelligence on their opinion about a touchy subject. There are multiple ways of parenting and I was just showing some sympathy for the kid. I agree the kid is spoiled and has respect issues but ranting about it on FML isn't going to do anything. Instead of zoning out while he's talking, actually talk to him about it, teach him that girls shouldn't be treated that way and he should respect them. When you just ignore kids this is what happens.

#22 who says he didn't do exactly that in the same conversation?

22- the kid needs to show some respect. he didn't sit his father down and talk about his sex life, the kid was complaining he NEEDS it all the time.

Uhm, as far as I can tell, the kid sounds absolutely selfish about sex. That doesn't exactly "deserve" sympathy to me.

You see I'm agreeing with all of you, but if OP got this kid into shape at a earlier age, this kid wouldn't be so god damn retarded. For all we know OP has been letting this kid rant about shit all day, and not stopping him. IF that's the case, it's OP fault. They let it happen. But we don't fully know the situation, so we can't make assumptions.

Miso, put down the shovel, crawl into the hole you've just dug, and be quiet. Thanks.

SecretMe00 5

MiSo.... Don't listen to these assholes! Your opinion is yours, theirs is theirs. End of discussion.

49 I wouldn't call them assholes, it's just a disagreement. That's why I like FML. You can have a buried comment on one post, and a 50+ thumbed up on another

Secret, an apple is an apple. Blue is blue. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly. I'm cryyyying. Where was I going with this again? Ah yes. I realize that it is his opinion as he stated it and he is entitled to it as well as I am entitled to my opinion which is his is idiotic. I understand that he needs to seriously do some parenting or his son will continue to be a misogynistic jackass. However, I don't think he deserves respect unless he deserves it. What I would also like to know is how old is the OP's son?

7- you are a freaking moron what the hell do you want her to do pull out the latest Trojan and be like "here son go **** the shit out of that little ***** you call your girlfriend"???

mattysaysLOL 0

What the hell does OP mean?

72- I fail to see where the "*****" part is necessary? Are you really that self righteous? Or maybe you misunderstood the FML?

Also Miso you mentioned that OP shouldn't be ranting about it on FML. However that's exactly what FML is about...

spekledworf 18

Miso- people like you make FMLs 110% less enjoyable. It's a site for gold laughs- why so serious?

The reason I voted YDI is as follows: it doesn't matter the reason OP's son sat him down. Maybe it was to complain. But being his father I think OP should have listened and then have corrected him where he was wrong in his thinking. But that's just my opinion.

olpally 32

What a great thread this turned out to be.. Wow.

omarzrgz 3

76- ha! You ****** up. I learned my lesson and used Google.

omarzrgz 3
goodfella925 0

Original Poster... I think.. lol

I would do the same thing to my kid. Except I would just leave the room or tell him he's boring me with his petty crap

Agree with you, and shocked at the lack of intelligence on here

Slicer316 2

Sad relationship. Honestly probably the reason the kids so messed up. I hate that excuse but in some cases it's true.... the kid obviously didn't get any attention from his parents now he wants it from his gf.

DinosaurJr23 3

Too damn cool to Bring the Walrus in to reason.

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nofearjenshere 12

I think you're talking about Victoria on Maury! I loved her. Shes happily taken now with a baby, no more whoring around for her.

nofearjenshere 12

she was hilarious to watch. "yeah ima playaaa, ya'll don't know my life!"

maronofhearts 19

Guess 80 was one of the 300 o.O You didn't say they were all guys

I was watching a video of a cat and somehow ended up on that video too..

TheFamilyElf 17

If you're so much better than him, how the hell did you raise such a pig? YDI for letting your son grow up without morals you find acceptable.

HannahWho 8

Well explain all the gay kids who come from crazy religious households? Those households I am sure don't believe its moral to be gay but the kid is that way anyways. I am not saying being gay is bad... but you can't always control how your kid is going to turn out.

yanksby7 6

24- except being gay isn't a CHOICE. Being an oversexed, egomaniacal, pontificating douchebag is.

TheFamilyElf 17

Yeah, it's definitely true you can't control the way kids turn out as there are so many outside forces influencing them. But by zoning out and looking down on his son instead of having a discussion, OP has taught his son that it's okay to disrespect women and his elders. He's in the wrong because he sounds just as cocky as his kid:P

31 - Except for the part where it IS a choice. I fully support homosexual and bisexual rights, but they did research that the supposed 'differences' that homosexuals have in their brains that 'force' them to be different are also commonly found in straight humans. Humans who made the choice to be straight, despite said 'difference' Again, I do not have anything against gays, and a lot of then are actually pretty cool. I hang out with some. it's their choice what they do with their life. But it's just that. A CHOICE. If they enjoy that choice, I fully respect that. People should allow them to, because it's of their free will. But I'm tired of seeing everywhere that it's not a choice.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Time to train that child! Be a parent and teach them to respect women... It any romantic partner regardless of gender for that matter