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Prolly time to get a new "future" wife. The sooner you know these things the better.

You sure can pick 'em. Jet


You sure can pick 'em. Jet

HAHA, He definitely knows how..

if she is going to be your future wife, why is she meeting your parents for the first time now?

Seriously. I also reckon OP would've experienced her intoxicated at least several times...

seeeriously. This sounds like a case of ruuushing in. I could never accept a proposal from someone who had never met my parents. It sounds like the OP cares what his parents think, so I doubt it's a case of I don't understand how she's only meeting the parents for the first time. Also, def get out. That damage can't be undone. Plus, do you really want to marry a person who allows themselves to get that intoxicated?

Its possible that they live really far away and are just meeting them because they took a trip to them to celebrate the proposal. Just a thought. Still sucks though :/

Well, I live far from my parents and my boyfriend lives far from his, but we have both taken trips out to meet each other's families. It's been less than a year for us, and marriage isn't even a discussion. Id think that if you're planning to marry someone, you might want to have your family meet them BEFORE you propose.

Hey OP... Post again in a few weeks and tell us how special Thanksgiving was at your parents.

LOL 55. Thanksgiving is such a special family time :'] Also agreed with why the hell didn't she know your parents, and how could you have never experienced her drunk before? If you have (the latter) and you knew she acted like this, YDI...

dude's fiancé pwns

Some people are just really weird when it comes drinks, at least she didn't swing at any of them. __________________________

Prolly time to get a new "future" wife. The sooner you know these things the better.

what is a prolly? is it some sort of trolley hybrid?

That's my kinda woman! lol Good luck with that.

So your fiance wants to tear her own eyes out? You've been with her long enough to consider marriage and couldn't recognize warning signs of this odd statement? YDI. But FYL for her to go wild with the booze while trying to make an impression on your parents though, that's rather embarrassing.

You former future wife, you mean?

Its better that she called your dad a piece of shit and didnt try to fuck him... But there is still time, maybe she will do that at the wedding

i really don't think there is much of a chance of a wedding happening after that

Probably not, but you never know. Maybe his dad is a piece of shit, most likely not. She sounds like a stupid bitch, but she sounds like she would be fun. Just not to marry

YOU DESERVE IT for wanting to marry a TRASHY freakin idiot

*whistles* Thats impressively drunk. Way beyond calming nerves drunk. Dayum

well she's a keeper