By ouch - 08/03/2011 15:50 - United Kingdom

Today, my friend convinced me that a staple gun doesn't work on skin. I decided to put this new piece of information to the test. FML
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Since you're not using it, would you donate your brain to science? They could use it to study the null-brain.

You should have tried it on your friend.


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Are you a moron??

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Lol stupid

* claps hands *

let's see how politically incorrect I can be. she's a woman, a Brit, most likely a blonde, and she was touching a tool instead of a kitchen appliance. do I win?

You never win when you need to ask..

24, yes. Yes you do.

Yeah you win especially because it's international women's day.

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Break moments in de-evolution.

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what a blonde lol

ima blonde and the top of my class in MIT why does everyone think blondes are stupid? oh ya cuz we're super hot

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Top at MIT? I find that hard to believe considering how poorly this was typed. Granted, I do feel the blonde stereotype thing is stupid, but don't be a prime example of why it exists.

i heard a nailgun wont go threw ur skin

it seems really bad but staples don't hurt that much! unless they lock in then u really have to rip! but honestly not the worst, I've had medical staples and been stapled with those desk ones. it's not the worse but I'm sure it was a surprise!

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You must be really dumb!

dumbass @130 tht is the most beast dark side of the moon pic ever

no I was stabbed and got medical and I stapled my finger twice!

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I'm pretty sure it started with Bulma's mother from dragon ball

my iPod app reads the first two comments as first...the fuck

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you are beautiful

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3 - Wanna go out with me? <3

You should have tried it on your friend.

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Haha! That would have been a lot better of a story, thats for sure!

Right? Although a regular stapler works on skin, so why wouldn't a staple gun?!?

im guessing OP is going to try the staple gun next time

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How did it work out for ya?

Since you're not using it, would you donate your brain to science? They could use it to study the null-brain.

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What? O.o

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bi winner

totally deserve it. What an idiot.

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OP, did you know that "oranges" spelled backwards is "gullible"?

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No it doesn't

^found the gullible one

I don't mean to seem stereotypical...but blonde much?

You seem stereotypical.

You are so gullible, OP. I wonder if the 'let me stick it for a second' works on you.

how bout: makes clenched fist with your thumb knuckle sticking out. close your eyes and tap knuckle against front teeth ten times! this means your smart if you can do it... go on

what does that mean?

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If you were a male I would have hoped you were stapling your foreskin together so you wouldn't try to have kids ever. Since you're a female the best I can hope is that you pierced you nipple

Nah, there has been cases where women pierce their labias shut for celibacy reason. Mmhhmm!

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Oh ew. That sounds painful.

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ok whoever u are ur calling her stupid but ur the one who spelled Anonymous wrong!

Next time try it on your friend.

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or staple her vagina shut ahh wtf, this was for #12

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