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Top at MIT? I find that hard to believe considering how poorly this was typed. Granted, I do feel the blonde stereotype thing is stupid, but don't be a prime example of why it exists.

  MichaelGood  |  0

it seems really bad but staples don't hurt that much! unless they lock in then u really have to rip! but honestly not the worst, I've had medical staples and been stapled with those desk ones. it's not the worse but I'm sure it was a surprise!

  Link5794  |  18

I'm pretty sure it started with Bulma's mother from dragon ball

  picupbart  |  0

how bout:
makes clenched fist with your thumb knuckle sticking out. close your eyes and tap knuckle against front teeth ten times! this means your smart if you can do it... go on

By  enonymous  |  8

If you were a male I would have hoped you were stapling your foreskin together so you wouldn't try to have kids ever. Since you're a female the best I can hope is that you pierced you nipple