By Evil_Angel_90 - / Tuesday 10 September 2013 11:36 / Australia
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Why would you try to face your fear of swans? You probably don't interact with them that often. I don't see how it would interfere with daily life and therefore be significant enough to be proactive about. You basically just went to the park to scare yourself.


Really 52? She went to scare herself? Maybe she lives by a lake where swans are frequent visitors, or maybe she just wanted to not be scared of something anymore. It's called facing your fears for a reason.

I'm assuming a swan has tried to attack your before, since it's a fear. It's okay though, OP. I heard swans were mean as hell, so why even bother? It's not an animal you have to associate with like a pet, so just do your best to stay away.


They are mean as hell. Fuckers will chase you down. My grandma laughed her ass off at my brother and I running away from them when we were young. I learned just to grab them by the neck and give them a toss. They'll come back but if you hold your ground they'll eventually stop attacking. God damn swans..

I don't blame you, I was chased by a very angry mother turkey one time. I was out in my garden and saw what I thought was a bird on the ground. I got closer, next thing I know mama turkey is chasing me.

It takes a lot of balls to stand up yo your fears, To be truthful if they ran at me I'd probably run away like a school girl too,, so don't knock yourself over about it! You'll be feed geese and large birds in no time

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