By Rach - 20/02/2010 13:58 - Ireland

Today, I saw my crush standing at the bus stop. I did the "I'm talking to someone on the phone thing," trying to be cool. Halfway through the conversation my phone actually rang, I quickly answered but it was my mom on loudspeaker yelling, "Did you bring your tampons?" FML
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Not only did you make yourself look foolish, but your mom helped too. Congrats on "looking cool" though.

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greeneyedgoalie7 0

not really, is he not supposed to know shes a woman?

I didn't know that talking to yourself makes you cool...

dudeitsdanny 9

Talking to yourself is the new cool thing. All my friends do it! Then again... I live in a crazy assylum =( Kidding about the assylum. OP: Pretending to text is the way to avoid these things. If you're gonna be lame, be smart about it

Ha ha ha .... o whoops I just relized that I totally do the texting thing. It's like a type of security blanket.

^^^^^^above us right. were u in an asylum for people who show their ass every where? no excuse for spelling it wrong twice

dudeitsdanny 9

I didn't try to excuse myself. I wasn't sure how to spell it, I'm on my iPod, and I guessed. I also misspell broccoli a lot. I have no problem with my human imperfections, so I don't take time to point out someone else's for no reason. But you might want to start typing out your words, capitalizing, and using punctuation before you bash someone for incorrectly spelling a word they never use. You must live in one where they stick things so far up your ass, you turn into a dimwit. To the person who first corrected me: Thanks =) I really thought it was "ss"

How was talking on the phone going to make you look cool? It's not like this 1988 and that is some new and rare technology. Next time, try talking to him. YDI

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anytime your "trying to be cool" you definately deserve it...

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I'm not seeing how talking on the phone makes you cool. If anything it'd be agitating(sp?) as hell if he actually wanted to talk to you in the first place.

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yea but who really wants to hear that

Well did you bring the tampons ??????

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haha yepp I got the reference

ydi, I am not trying to be an ass here but it takes some balls for a guy to ask a girl he really likes out. playing hard to get will make it less likely he will.

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you know YDI right?....right?

isn't that ******* Justin beaver or what's his face?

since when did talking on the phone make you cool, if I like someone I just talk to them like I would anyone else. if they don't like me for me it just means I can do better

Ydi for not knowing your phone was on speaker.

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(pretending to be 12 year old) omg dats Justin bieber how do u not kno him isnt he lyl ttly hawt????

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#139: if someone doesn't like you, it's automatically their problem? not because you're a self-obsessed bitch?

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Lol perdix has his own personal troll. He must feel proud.

Sorry to kill the buzz for him, but his troll just expired.

that's what you get for being a poser dumbass next time turn off the sound or actually call some one ..........dip fail

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Wow, "poser". I haven't heard that word used since I was in middle school. Ahh, memories...

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Haven't people realized that the whole Look at me! I'm pretending to talk on the phone to look like I have a life outside of stalking you trick doesn't work? And never will work?

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Not only did you make yourself look foolish, but your mom helped too. Congrats on "looking cool" though.

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you could of at least turned your phone off.

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has anyone ever succsessfully done the phone thing?

uh, no. that's why we've heard this same story a billion times

1. ydi for being that stupid 2. why would you put your mom on loudspeaker? it's pretty hard to ddo by accident..

On some phones it's pretty easy. I have a touch screen and I'll often find that I accidently put a person on mute.

I have a touch screen too and it's never happened to me..

you probably don't have the same phone as her... it does happen

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this is why u shouldn't obsess over guys

iyour supposed to call your voicemail when you do that for that exactreason

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sounds like somones experienced in this area!