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Today, I was sleeping like a baby on our living room couch. My older brother and his friends lit my slippers on fire. While I was wearing them. They even took a video. FML
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Set his hair on fire while he's sleeping..

The idea of 'humor' in the human mind is turning rather primitive these days...


Set his hair on fire while he's sleeping..

It's like Prank vs Prank on yutube, except Sibling Wars...

Or you could go for the pubic hair, if you dare. Supposedly it's still flammable.

KK3137, it's nothing like PVP on YouTube. You don't see them lighting each other on fire do you? They stick to the harmless, messy but still funny jokes, not the 'Lets give your feet fire burns' jokes.

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imo he deserves it for wearing slippers.

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and don't have sex if she's too goneee

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light a match and put it between his toes while he is sleeping, and then watch as the match slowly burns down while slowly rubbing your hands together and grinning keenly. nice little college prank when it burns the f*** out of his toe he'll jump his ass right up

jess_h14 2

when it comes to condoms put two on..

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#1 had a good suggestion, how about pissing on his clothes, particular underwear, socks, t shirt

Dangit, that's just what I was thinking! How about the nose hair as well?

Light his pubic hair on fire to see if it's "flammable"

Send me the link to the video :) but seriously that sucks. If my brother lit one of my belongings on fire I'd light him on fire.

rip his arm off set it on fire and beat him with it while he's asleep. at least that's what i would do ;D mwahahahahahahahaha!

The idea of 'humor' in the human mind is turning rather primitive these days...

Only the ones that act like total douches.

and girls will be raging kitchen natzis filled with PMS

foreverjoseph 5

burn baby burn. minus the disco-inferno part.

If her slippers are on fire im sure she will be up and dancing around. So that part fits.

my goodness, what was going through his mind, other than stupidity and senseless humor? :

"Man this is gonna be AWESOME! It's recording right?"

Has Asher Roth taught you nothing? "Dont pass out with your shoes on." XD

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next time he's asleep on the couch tie a rope to his pants or underwear & tie the rope to something and then pick up the side of the couch! atomic wedgie!

OR tie a string to his pants and connect it to the bottom of the couch. that way when he stands up... well, you see what I'm getting at. That is, of course, if you're going primitive instead of intelligent

is said video on YouTube? I wanna watch it lol

I assume they put them out before they maimed you for life. Not funny IMO.