By soundbox - 27/01/2009 00:21 - United States

Today, I was watching 'Tool Academy' with my girlfriend. When asked which Tool I would be, I replied with Power Tool. She then stated I would be 'Tiny Tool'. I'm 240 pounds. I don't know if she was calling me fat, or saying I have a small penis. My best guess would be both. FML
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sexy1 0

I'm sorry soundbox, you're just a tool


sexy1 0

I'm sorry soundbox, you're just a tool

wanderingidiot 0 tall are you?? either way, that hurts

some 50 year old men dont even weigh that much!!!

Are you saying 50 year old men are fat? Most 50 year old men I know aren't fat ...

hahaha you have a small weiner lololololoololololololollololololololololololol i am hugh... bitch

magnetic_aura 26

You're Hugh? And your username also references your penis... Sounds like you're over compensating.

bsaucedo 0

well tiny tool was actually the winner of the whole show and did care a lot about his girlfried and wasnt really much of a tool. maybe she was referring to that ?

stupidsreadthis 0

I'm sorry. So sorry....... Hey wait...isn't that a song?

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