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Today, I was going to the bathroom at my boyfriend's house. I had awful diarrhea and was almost done, when I noticed a spider on the ground. Being terrified, I took a giant ball of toilet paper to kill it. I realized then that I had no toilet paper left to use. FML
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FYLDeep 25

That's not a drinking fountain? ****, I've been doing this all wrong.

and that's why you buy one of those Japanese toilets.


Expertfail 0

i see what you did there. also, 'man that's shitty'

don't take a dump at someone else's house!! that's grosss and rude :/

Dyslexia_Ruels 0

Sounds like she was in deep shit

#75 rude??!! do next time shit ur pants? WTF! if I need to poop I poop

It was her boyfriend's house, you dumbfuck..

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SmallTownCutie 0

eww. I hate bugs. when they're outside, no problem. but if they are creeping around my house uninvited I think I have the right to squish them.

How do you know the bugs were here first 52?? Did spidey tell you that before it got wiped?

ShadyFTW1 0

There's this thing called the fossil record, look it up.

shinco_fml 0

then you might as well disown all your belongings to the millions of living organisms living around you and on you, seeing that apparently, first come first serve.

perdix 29

Why don't you wipe your ass with the toilet paper with the spider corpse in it? It's not like he's going anywhere anytime soon.

Shake the corpse out and use the paper, you can pick the body back up with a towel or something later...

more important question... Why use soooo much toilet paper to get rid of one spider?? If there were like 20 coming at you because you were stinking up the bathroom, then I would get that... but one spidy took up so much toilet paper? Wow OP, you need help... PeptoBismo? lol

ppriscilla 0

the japanese toilets spray you with water then air dry you

FYLDeep 25

It says she's in Arizona. Not sure if you noticed that.

fthku 13

Because importation is something which has yet to be thought of!

but it doesnt give u human rights now does it

fthku 13

I think you're confusing Japan with China, Zazoo.

Lol u expected that a light little ball of toilet paper would actually kill the spider? wow lol. YDI.

oops read the fml wrong..oh well, I still think YDI.

Graawr 7

Poor spider, not only It had witnessed your diarrhea, It also got killed.

floppycow 0

girls dont poop girls dont poop, girls...dont...poop

emilybaby2012 0

No no #14 is saying that "girls don't poop" because a lot of guys find it gross? My ex-boyfriend wouldn't let me shit around him because he believed the same thing. Which kinda pissed me off because sometimes I gotta GO! lol.

You're right, (or should i say, "no shit!"), 14, when a female eats and digests food, it just disappears! What ever gets you through the day, my friend.

MRGalaxc 0

well with a beautiful face and a fine body I wouldn't want some chick shittin around me either I'd be like I'm outta here come get me ten mins after your done love you bye.

katiedoll6 7

justnbieber 0

fyl but didn't u notice? u shouldve used tissues xD

kcnutt10 1

15, you have the worst and most gay username on FML.