By drsyl54 - 28/03/2010 09:04 - Australia

Today, I got dumped because I was on my period. Apparently he was pissed because I have one "like, every single month." FML
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duker01 tells us more.

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Just to answer a few questions... He's 18. I'm almost certain it was about the sex- I don't mind when I'm light, but at the start the cramps are unbearable, so no sex, not oral either. And he's just ignorant- he's actually a very intelligent person. This is the OP btw, not sure if the name will come up the same.

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missvee98324 0

hahaha boys are funny

brieanna101 0

guys don't get periods it's so annoying I once had one of my boyfriends ask if we could still have sex.. "IM FUCKING BLEEDING I DONT WANT YOUR DICK UP THERE" stupid


missvee98324 0

hahaha boys are funny

Retard... OP, your (ex) boyfriend is about as mentally challenged as #1.

iceman05 0

He prefers old ladies and pregnant women.

brieanna101 0

guys don't get periods it's so annoying I once had one of my boyfriends ask if we could still have sex.. "IM FUCKING BLEEDING I DONT WANT YOUR DICK UP THERE" stupid

brieanna101 0

I mean don't understand^

ahahaha. "like every single month" xD I laughed

******* a girl on her period is the best its like ******* a virgin

brieanna101 0

that's so gross

Horney4her69 0

every month??? ydi! just kidding. 

when youve been to prison you get what you can

brieanna101 0

wow, that's so stupid. desprate males.

Dont_Explain 3

I'm just curious as to why he wanted to have sex with a bleeding ******. In all seriousness... that's messed up... OP: clearly he'll turn gay, single or pissed offfor the rest of his life, and good ridance for you, he sounds like a royal turd.

brieanna101 0

33!!!! thank you!

matt1337c 0

Haha, this is like that elevator episode. This one girl said having sex during her period was awesome. When they were done, her husband was "like a lion after kill" and she made a motion like blood was dripping from his mouth. Hold on... I gotta... *pukes*

Paige, you look so different with that new picture! holy crap. . .anyway about the fml I loled, evenni am not that stupid

Turtles don't have periods

that's nastyyyy....

ryan_mcgrath1 0

that's why showers were made

haha wow. that's hilarious. atleast it's not every week

xlossofmex 0

It really isn't a big deal. I started my period once while getting it on and neither of us noticed until after we were done. It felt the same. After that, it didn't matter. And like the above said, showers.

Feminazi alert. Watch out for brieanna.

lol your boyfriend is dumb hope he's your ex now :) because he's too stupid not to know that girls get there period once a month lol fyl

maybe he wanted her to be in those birth control things that makes you not have your period every month but be happy your not dating him anymore.

paperisuseful 0

in soviet russia, period has you!

I agree lol ha tho I'm a 15 year old virgin guys need to use the brain god gave us lol

lol I love u number 10. no ****. btw number 1 u look lik a ******* gorilla

rugger13 0

haha that made my day

lmao! what a ****** idiot! lol he must want an older woman going through menapause. or how ever it's spelt.

92 haha that's funny

did he not pay attention in sex Ed class????

there's nothing wrong with having sex on your period....i don't bleed till the end of's not that gross... IN FACT my period ends sooner when I have sex on it. but then again I like to have sex with vampires....

if he's hard up enough, he won't care if he gets a little messy while he's getting some. besides, some women are more horny during that time of the month. that asshat has a lot to learn, and you are better off w/o him

BadPinkKitty07 0

sure, the guy is a total bitch. but I keep wondering... what if the OP is the queen of all bitches when she's surfing the red sea? just a thought. maybe it's not about the sex, maybe OP's got a nasty attitude. however, if that were the case, the guy shouldve talked to her instead of dumping her.

TapeMan_3000 0

lol "like, every month!" fyl op it's not your fault. that kid must have never gone to sex Ed in school, what a loser haha.

Guys can't periods? Oops, better get that checked out..

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mistershlong 0

113 your face scares me

bahahaha!!! and men

xHabsfanx 0

hahaha @18. As for OP, you're better off without that immature douche, he can go **** pregnant and old ladies :)

averinoelle 0

That's disgusting..

girls should pmsing so we don't have to hear about

AngryNinja 1

You shouldve broken up with him when he started manstrating. Ydi.

that's just.. disappointing.

mac222 0

it's actually fun

Sounds like your relationship has come to a period...

intrcptin46 0

turtles ftw :D

Boys are stupid. This is why I've only dated older men.

33: maybe he didn't want to **** her, maybe he just didn't like being around her psycho ass every month.

beer01 0

I'm with ya hockey...

I wanna know HOW OLD IS UR BF???or ex w/e. How the hell would he NOT know girls get it every month???

I hate girls man...y'all bleed for a ****** week every month n y'all good. I GET SHOT N I ALMOST DIE WITHIN THE FIRST TWO HOURS. Not cool man.  for real though. not fair 

#138 STFU. You put up a pic of an aging actor because you're so proud of your looks, right? GTFO, troll. You're pathetic.

I tried to think of a joke involving the bf saying pissing and her having her period, but couldn't think of anything, so I just wrote this

167- boys are always completely stupid, way to generalize

Boys and girls are both equally competent.

WingsFan80 4

#80 you must not be able to read cause OP said she got dumped so I guess that would make him her ex huh?

that's funny. lol

186- yup :) exactly my point I use the saying: You're as stupid as I am. am i stupid or am I smart :)

I <3 bleeding vaginas.. just another reason to get some head

Very smart, I'm sure, Story(:

haha. funni lol

did you know you can take birth control pills and never take the placebos and be just fine not having periods? it's true. all the pills do is give your body enough hormone so that it acts like you are in the early stages of pregnancy indefinitely. why don't standard bc pills not have placebos? because the inventor was catholic and wanted to make the pill "more natural" but the pill was condemned anyway.

Tika876 18

uhh sick

acsweets 0

ok... poor u but you should of seen it coming.. I hope you dumped him for sum1 who cares

nolasaints 0

haha guys are so stupid. they don't understand how much periods hurt and suck.

what a dumb ass thank goodness you arent with him anymore

#114 is a WHORE

bubbarific 0

ydi for being a woman and having periods every month mayB he wudnt have dumped u if you wud just have ur period once a year

105 is HOTTTT

metalfan333 0

well stop having them!

114. haha! that's hilarious:)

thedevil96 0

58 has the best comments

Blue_Coconuts 7

Any guy who doesn't have his blood wings is a pussy. Just saying.

brieanna101 0

hahahaha 71

mistershlong 0

176 lol u put up a pic of a Disney character and did u just call me a troll? someone needs to get out more

 175 is funny...... oh that's me..... how lame was that 

what a douchebag.

It's not a Disney character and yes, I called you a troll. How does whether or not I get out enough have anything to do with my pic, your lack of balls, or your cowardly (and corny) bullying of some stranger online? I repeat, you're pathetic. You might as well have just said "ur gay" or some other clever retort within your range. I am not at all surprised a picture of a girl scared you. Don't worry, troll, stay inside ogling Brad and you'll never have to encounter one in real life.

Q: What did one lesbian vampire say to the other? --- A (backwards): ?htnom txen emit emas ---

brieanna101, desparate LRN2ENGLISH,KTHXBYE

lol it's funny how many people said YDI.....

Icarus_II 0

#92 I am honored to be part of a site that has such a dominating win. Other than that, OP must be 12 with a 10 year old bf or something...

littlemisshottie_fml 0

33 u said it

that dude isn't all that bright

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honeybee366 0

why because she'll bleed and complain? yeah that's real sexy....stupid asshole.

what the hell is wrong with u?!?!?

Emofluffinzhehe 0

why does she deserve it? isnt it a good thing shes not going around having unprotected sex?

ao1993 0

I could change that

it must must feel wired for ya girls , ya know blood coming out and shat

Never trust something that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

Learn to use proper grammar, dumb bitch.

hahaha! that is the first real lol I've ever had! email me at [email protected] my names brandon

ladykat 0

Seriously?!?!? A smart man would be glad it WAS every month. DOH!!

thats gross.btw how old are you!?

eww ******* on ur period? seriously!! What the FUCK is wrong with u ppl thats so gross, when i read some of the comments i like puked in my mouth. Why would guys want nasty vaginal blood all over their dicks. Gosh that is purely vulgar.

your boyfriend's a bit of a dumbass:)

mansen 15

but one can help her ex have something like the sensation if having a period *winds up and gives him a good kidney shot* do that each month and voilà! he can have the joys of blood coming from nether regions and dare bitch about.

lily1123 0

older women and children... do I suspect a rapist or gold digger ?

smart girl. no clean up. mr. vamp will do it all for u!

at least she's got the balls to show it, shlongy.

awww u suck. nothing like bloody sex

and I bet your to hot for a real pic

Yeah, I don't know what the big deal is... Some girls are more horny on their period, too. And you CAN get it over faster by having sex, you just kinda drag Aunt Flo out by the hair and send her packing. FYI: the bonus is that you can pretend you're ******* her to death!

I would assume he broke up with you because maybe you have PMS times it something lol

*menopause, sorry(: but that IS a benefit of being old, periods suck.

debiasio69696969 0

too much information

138.. no need to randomly be a douchebag.

AlessaVen 0

Your boyfriend is an idiot. Would he have been happy if you hadn't gotten it?

that made me LOL!

#52..eww..wouldnt the situation smell like fish & flesh!!...ugh!

gotta love them retarded boys(:

ITrollYourFail 0

Yeah, and you need to use the periods that proper grammar gave us... How the hell are you going to bash men when you can't even use proper punctuation? I hate hypocrites.

ITrollYourFail 0

Sorry, that last post was for 93. My phone messed up and sent it before I had a chance to edit it.

wooow...113 you're face will give me nightmares for a long, LONG time!!

mjbjenkins 0

If he doesn't know how a period works, then he's too young for you.

better off without him! what a nimrod!

yea! sounds like he should be into dudes if he can't deal with a females cycle.

he didn't take any sex Ed classes in school? he might as well turn gay if he doesn't like periods.

RaIeigh 0

Maybe they didnt hve sex ed at his school..stil he's a dumbass for letting things like that fly out of his mouth .

114 is a hottie. the pill makes the period short and almost non existent for the girls ive dated. they all liked my rod in them when they were hot, swollen, and horny. ive even gotten bjs after.

Felendris 0

lol. nimrod.

LOL!!!!!!! he is an idiot!

what a dumbass....

kristina2987 0


mac222 0

ha that's funny

hi_aly 0

what an idiot.

lol That guy is never gonna get a girl. You're better off, OP.

totaly agree with ya, isn't he just gay or something?

Actually, he clearly already got one. Also, it doesn't mean he's gay, just stupid.

Russet_Wolf 0

Hey, now, let's not be offensive. Even as a girl I find it annoying to have to stop having sex for a week every month. Yes, this guy was a moron, but that doesn't have anything to do with his sexual orientation. Don't insult the LGBT community by comparing us with this kind of idiocy.

saywaturcoco 0

21 don't worry she thinks everyone who is single or soon to be single like in this case is gay because she's gay nd doesn't want to be alone!

kellyrenee 0

since when do you have to quit having sex during "that time of the month"?!

kellyrenee 0

"that time of the month" is the best time for sex! it's normally when you're the horny the MOST.

ryan_mcgrath1 0

agreed atleast with every woman I have ever been with

RuBbErShRiMp 0

If you're Jewish you can't.

I don't think Muslims are allowed to, either... Can someone confirm this? Personally, I have no idea why anyone would even want to.

sourgirl101 28

^42 I agree. Maybe not on my heaviest days but you do it in the shower to make it less messy. It's the safest days not to get prego. Besides sex helps my mood swings. Perhaps the Op got dump because she was a total b****. All she needed was to get some.

kellyrenee 0

you tend to be more horny during your period. you're more emotional and it's always felt like you connect better. atleast for me. don't knock it til you try it. obviously not while you're bleeding like a stuck pig, but on a light day. you can actually get pregnant while you're on your period. believe me, it happens. but very rarely. as far as whether certain religions aren't allowed to do it, I have no clue. no matter how religious you are, you should still have your own mind and do what you wanna do. and every person will interpret the "rules" differently.

saywaturcoco 0

Muslims can't have sex till they r married.

kellyrenee 0

a lot of religions disagree with sex before marriage.

to sourgirl101: you can still get pregnant when you have sex during your period. ask your doctor. again.

saviks 0

Maybe he was just kidding, or it could've been a lame excuse to dump her.

Saarr, I'm thinking you're gay. and I understand everyone has their different views on this, but I'd like it if OP could explain if it was just because he really is that f*cking stupid, or most likely because he wanted an excuse to break up with her <--- probably the stupidest excuse on earth. OP, congrats on losing the stupidest mother-f*cker you could find. Hope the next one isn't as much of a reh-tard.

sourgirl, #113 is right. The safest time is right after your period ends but it's still not 100% safe. Please use precautions.

Nope, Muslim's can't. Well, I shouldn't say can't, it's more like shouldn't. There's a theory behind it though because of cleanliness and such.

haha I'm not gay.

and I didn't say something is wrong with being gay? so why are people hatin'? I was serious bout thinking that.

sourgirl101 28

178 Imaginary Foe- thank you for coming to my defence. I did said safEST not safe completely. There's still a risk.

How could you be so selfish! D:

yeah really how could u? I mean every month?!?!?!?

iamKPY 1

^^^ LOL

haha, how can he not know that that's normal? such an idiot

xsoooxkrazyx 0

wait a get your period "like every month"???!...

How old is the prick!? 10?!

actually...this is sad but even I get frustrated sometimes.

CantusVulpis 12

If we could stop it, we would. &gt;_