By Hopeless - 08/02/2011 03:22

Today, I found out the real reason why me and my boyfriend of four and a half months have "so much in common". He used to be my stalker, who followed me around in a black hoodie and always posted stuff on my Myspace as an anonymous person. FML
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awww he got his girl... in a creepy way..

haha that's rlly creepy


haha that's rlly creepy

and also in my comment I mention to ask do u like him tho cause he might of just had some rlly bad crush on you

yo bro put a shirt on.. there be kids up in here

apart from fact wen u download app u gota be 17 years or older

broooo u can lie about ur age!

Soo Ur like 12?

no man 11.. u kno how I do

know how u do what? and why Would I know anything bout u?

you're both officially idiots in my book. just fyi

ummm ok thanks for telling me?

creepin creepers is creepin'!

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35- I couldn't agree more.

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SHAAAAADY..... What a creep!!!! Wow Auzzrage, you actually have to TRY to be as huge of an idiot as you have successfully achieved above. That is truly amazing. Now, go put your shirt back on because it makes you appear as dumb as you sound. After you've determined which limbs pertain to which holes promptly proceed to eighty-six your account. FML appreciates your cooperation, thank you .


56- creepers are awesome! minecraft is awesome! zombies are awesome!

hmm something you said bugged me. you mentioned you have to be 17 to download the app. but there is an actual site, and I don't think internet explorer or mozilla or watever Internet browser you use (for those smart asses that will say a completely different one) is going to ask for your age before loading the site so it is possible a kid could be on the site without agreeing they are 17+ apart from the t&cs that no one reads

I'm 14 and I have an account here?

83:okay so pretty much I love your picture!!!

personally, I don't mind #1 shirtless ;) oh and I'm sure the 'children' on here have seen a lot worse than that...

haven't those "little kids" been to the beach before?

Dear 1, I hate how you speak. I don't know if you're trying to be a gangster or something or if you're really that stupid. And though I do love guys without shirts, your blurry nipple shot annoys me. Oh, and you're an idiot.

I said I was 18 when I was 13 more than I actually said I was 13 if u know what I'm saying... puberty turns u in to a perverted little monster lol

hi im 12 and what is this

At least you know he's committed....or needs to be committed. Either or.

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LOL wow your dating your own stalking nice move :D

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interesting.. weird.

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nice tat ^.^

audiophileMom 11

Yeah... If there actually was 6 lines on sheet music. Fail. Plain fail...

There is for guitar tabs. You just failed trying to point out someone's fail. You sir, fail.

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At least he won't dump you so easily.

That guy is a champion if he can get a girl with that method.

awww he got his girl... in a creepy way..

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Nice tits bad face :(

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obsessed much?? major red flag.. wonder how he would take you breaking up with him?

mental break down I bet

followed by a knife in her neck.....

wat a creep and a freak...dump him now

crzyry 6

He's got dedication..haha. But seriously, I'd be worried if I were you.

I wonder what he'd say if she broke up with him :')

he wouldn't say anything. it'd probably end in a murder/suicide d:

I hoped u dumped him and filed for a protective order against him..

Haha, that's retarded.

You shouldn't say things are "retarded" just because something's stupid. Here's a cookie for making yourself look like an idiot.

shut up your retarded

92 looks like a fag

Don't call someone "retarded" if you cant even use the right you're*

how sweet, shows he really loves you