By DumbFace714 - 14/02/2015 01:43 - United States - Santa Ana

Today, my friend told me she wanted to get pregnant. I thought that was good news, but then she said she wanted my boyfriend to be the father of her baby. FML
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Many people would find this statement concerning. Might want to reconsider this friendship. And keep her far away from your boyfriend.

You need new friends in your life.


Throw her a bone

Throw her your boyfriends bone*

That is what 1 was implying.

No, 1 was implying that OP's friend is a bitch

Well fuck, #107 I accidentally downvoted #1 then.

You need new friends in your life.

You sound like a fortune cookie :)

A really weird fortune cookie.

Many people would find this statement concerning. Might want to reconsider this friendship. And keep her far away from your boyfriend.

It's possible she might just want him to be a sperm donor- maybe he's got nice genetics. OP, ask her about her reasoning.

I've heard this before. Especially if he has rare recessive traits those could be prized. Imagine that pick up line though? "Wow, you have the bluest eyes. Are those contacts or can i have your baby?"

32 - or maybe she just wants OPs boyfriend and came up with some insanely irrational reason to make it justified.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

ya I agree 51. but it also matters on ops friends maturity level... like if they are at that age where having babies is almost genetically desired/craved. .and then her friends bf just so happened to have the good traits... either way though I'd feel uncomfortable. . that's a little extreme for a "friend" to be thinking about ops bf in that manner.. whether it was "oh he's attractive, I want his babies" or "i wanna fuck him, whats a good excuse.."

That remind me "drop dead diva" .

You must be a lucky gal.

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You should put her in her place. He's your boyfriend. She shouldn't be wanting kids with him. That's just crazy.

Something you'd see on Maury.

austincain117 16

First fifty shades of gray. Now, family love triangles what is the world coming to. (It's just a joke)

Look on the bright side, you get a kid without all the responsibility of taking care of it

Did you seriously laugh at your own joke?

I used to be schizophrenic but know we're good.

Well they say that it's healthy to be able to laugh at yourself...

Her boyfriend and friend having a kid isn't her kid that she "doesn't have to take care of" it's THEIR kid.

Stfu and suck a nut

Yeah, you gotta problem with that?

Get out the turkey baster?

That's wrong in so many ways.

Awe I was gonna say that. Give him a cup and they can make an evening of it

She might be hiding something

Yea, first thing that popped into my head was that he already got her pregnant and this is their way of trying to cover it up.

That's what restraining orders are for