By Noname - 25/11/2008 18:05 - Canada

Today, I was going to confess to my best friend that I am madly in love with her. I called her up only to find her crying. She was upset that she might be pregnant with some guy. FML
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you could still tell her. be her support system if this guy isnt.

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ugh, thats terrible.... sorry dude


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ugh, thats terrible.... sorry dude

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you could still tell her. be her support system if this guy isnt.

i think she has bigger things on her mind than a buddy who is into her. leave her be! dont offer support if it isnt meant as honest help for her instead of your own desires for her. true love is chosing whats best for the other and in this case that includes her child.

Women are stupid, I agree with #1 if you tell her you have feelings for her she will turn against you and use you till u have nothing left. Cause even if your friends with them and u confess love its a good chance atleast 7/10, that they will hurt you one way or another. Case and point, Girl i fell in love with was in a very abusive relationship, i saved her from it, She broke up with the guy and about a month later i confessed, I thought it would blighten her day. She smiled and everything. Next day she was raped and back with the abusing bf, sayin she can change him. Now all she does is use me as a crying pillow and tell me how he treats her bad and doesnt do anything nice for her. So i dropped her ass. Moral of the story, dont confess your love in a bad situation where your heart is most likely to be broken.

Yes, because all pregnant women are horrible ***** who will take whatever they can get from anyone offering.. Does anyone here actually think about the circumstances leading up before they start speaking? And "JokerStorm" is a perfect example of that. Good on you to leave the girl to continue being beaten and raped. ;] Wow. So many keepers here. :]

agreed! OP, if she's your friend, then be a friend! and if you love her so much, help her through this!

well, dumbass, it's clear she hasn't been raped or beaten and she is a **** because op doesn't say bf or husband but "some other guy" Yes, raped and beaten girls aren't *****, but the truth is, the others are, look at the circumstances fucktard.

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****=*****=hooker= some that pays for sex and so your saying no matter how ever you get pregnant your a "****" unless you were raped

You are all idiots. Its not bad to have sex and just because you slip up and accidently get pregnant doesn't make you a bad person. Also, all because the guy isn't her husband or boyfriend doesn't mean they didn't rape her. "Obviously anyone who gets pregnant is a *****." yeah, well, **** you. OP, be a friend and get her through this, it will likely give you really good chances of being more than friends anyways.

Except you make the assumption that she was raped. OP never mentions whether it was a one night stand gone wrong or a rape.

yes "Ishinee", DO you think? Cause i do, its impossible not to ;) Ok circumstances, guy is her best friend, so he is there for her, and Guys who are very loyal and everything are nothing more than friends, so in a sense women view guys who are sweet and very understanding as gay people, meaning they can talk to them all the time and help them with their problems. and never see them as anything more than a friend, this guy got ****** and I bet he tried to tell her he cares for her, but didnt listen. FYL man And that situation, cant be a bitch and say im a bad person for doing so, she knew he was unstable, I told him to back off or i will kick his ass, she got in my face for protecting her, and she told me to learn my place. SO i did, i dropped her. Just because i remove a bad apple from my life in a time that looks bad doesnt make me bad, shows that i can make the hard choices when the time comes. Heres the thing Ishinee, you cant save someone who doesnt want to be save, You can hold your hand out for so long before they drop, drown, etc. And when they drop, or drown, theres nothing else you can do. Also ishinee, Think about it, all women, yes ALL, want the bad boy boyfriend, because for some reason god only knows you think u can change them. So take a look in the mirror ;) cause you look like a women or i just had too many shots of jack and your just a tranny.

Wow, if it's yours you need to take responsibility. If it's not walk away.

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meh, there's a lot like this, it seems. also, fail for taking a picture in the mirror, especially with the flash on.

Don't judge her at least. She may not be for you, but you shouldn't blame her for what happened (unless she's a *****, but you shouldn't want that).

kinda went through the same thing mate, only it was via messenger, not phone. i was gonna tell her that i wanted to take her out someplace, and there i would tell her that i loved her...never got to that was pretty much "hey guess what? i'm preggo." that would put most guys off for sure...that was three and a half years ago...for some reason, i'm still trying.