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  FFML_314  |  11

I would say no to Rite. It's gross and I don't appreciate the company trying to impersonate the taste of Coca-Cola.

/Nothing/ will take your place, Coke!

  bishoprsv2  |  0

Okay. I've got some good options.

1. Cut off all of their arms and legs, dump them in a volcano, and then they get eaten by bulldogs.
2. REcapitation.
3. Slowly cut off all different parts of their body until they bleed to death.
4. Poison of some sort. but make it so they take it willingly.
5. Put them in a room with shrinking walls until eventually they get smashed.
6. Cut their stomachs open, and, using various different types of string, peel back the layers of skin, exposing internal organs, as far as it will go, then tie all the different string to a wall or something and chain them up, letting them hang their until they bleed to death and use them as puppets during/after.
7. Stick a tube up their nose and poke their brain until they die. In certain societies, you would eat their brain to gain their knowledge. Do it.
8. Try to perform open heart surgery.
9. Find an Iron Maiden. Lol wholeheartedly.

  darkmis1  |  17

While OP's boyfriend and his pregnant girlfriend deserve it, the baby doesn't. So all of those torture methods are horrible ideas, becase they would kill the child.

OP: I REALLY hope you broke up with him.

  glorialaura21  |  8

no it sucks for the other girl. "today, I told my boyfriend I was pregnant. His response? to call up his other girlfriend and see if she'll stay with him. fml." hey atleast OP can just leave no strings attatched!

  rizzle88  |  0

screw him, his babys mum should just fuck off and shouldnt of told him he is gonna be a dad, wish i did woulda saved my kid alot of grief. he got another chick knocked up she did what i wish i did..