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Today, my boyfriend's mother found out that I'm three months pregnant. She told my boyfriend to put it up for adoption, and now wants a paternity test. FML
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Oh hell no! That is not right. Tell her to keep her nose where it belongs: out of your decisions! FYL. About the mother. Congrats on the baby.

Go take a seat in that booth and don't speak for the remainder of the decade. You are getting ahead of yourself and forcing me to lash out.


wow ur boyfriend is STUPID!!!

Go take a seat in that booth and don't speak for the remainder of the decade. You are getting ahead of yourself and forcing me to lash out.

Wow, I bet you two are best friends? :')

Oh hell no! That is not right. Tell her to keep her nose where it belongs: out of your decisions! FYL. About the mother. Congrats on the baby.

Yeah you tell her!

Well it's YOUR choice what to do with it, but it sounds like you're pretty young, and you're not married, so adoption may be the best choice for you and the child. Don't abort it, whatever you do.

why can't she abort it? what if she's like 13?

Time to buck up and deal with the consequences?

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Kinda disappointing considering you've shot off in your own direction. OP was about the mom thinking her a cheater, not about abortion!

I must say this, I do not agree with abortion. but think about it. would you feel any better knowing your parents didn't want you so they put you up for adoption? you must think about parents didn't want me.(I'm not adopted though) and I felt terrible.always thinking about killing them.

I don't generally want to be around someone that wants to kill me. You should probably seek some help, for those thoughts, buddy.

18 - My mom was adopted to a wonderful family and every year for the past 50 years has celebrated adoption day. Half the time, we kids forget our grandparents aren't blood-relations to us. So, I'm kinda grateful she was given a chance, which gave me a chance.

yeah I did.but now my therapist takes therapy.ironic right?

right #4, because only married parents can take good care of their children........ wrong. no one can make op give her kid for adoption. op, keep your child, being a single mother's not the end of the world. hire yourself a good attorney (for child support) and don't let "grandma" near your child (she may try to give him away).

One of the important abortion facts is that most of the abortions take place in the first trimester when the fetus cannot live independent of the mother. It depends on the mother through the placenta and the umbilical cord for nutrition and health and therefore should not be considered a separate entity. Should we really deny a woman the right to do what she wants for herself and her own body for a fetus the size of a quarter?

There are so many people I wish would have been aborted.

I'm not touching the abortion topic with a 10-foot pole, but I don't think this was an unplanned pregnancy here. Note the wording: the grandma-to-be found out OP is pregnant. Doesn't say when /she/ found out. I'm thinking OP has already made a decision regarding her child. Either way though, boyfriend's mom has no say in the matter. Assuming she is faithful, OP has nothing to fear from a patenity test and she can use the results to tell the grandma to fuck off and get the hell out of her business.

someone hates your but now :/

And her butt too!

also agree with 4 no abortion!

I actually think that this is quite funny. I'm a 15 year old GUY, and im realtovely pro choice. but it's these girls that are like "zomg pls dont abort it!" isn't that kind of backwards? weird...

Good thing you weren't aborted, eh?

I was lucky enough to be born in a family with 30 year old parents with relatively steady jobs. they planned to have me. what if this "couple" are two teenagers who don't know what the he'll they're doing in life? what if they can't raise a kid? have you ever heard the expression, " what you don't know can't hurt you?" the baby wouldn't know it was being aborted. but hey, we obviously have different views on this subject. let's agree to disagree.

So was I, but I would rather be born under any circumstance irregardless.

First of all you wouldn't know it if you had been aborted and second I highly doubt you would be happy being raised by a crack addicted mother or by a father who beat you. don't say you'd rather live under any conditions unless you've experienced them. and I love how people who still live at home with their parents and have never had to make a real decision in their lives will sit here and say no abortion no matter what.

Oh used irregardless...

What does living with your parents have to do with making, "real life decisions"?

I never said I would be happy, but I'd rather exist than not exist. By your logic, no one should say they would rather have been aborted since they never experienced that, which is exactly what I'm doing. Nice assumptions, didn't know I had to move out to make a decision regarding life or death.

Tell her it's not her choice, but it's yours and your boyfriends. If you're both young then she has laid out a good option for the two of you. And if you decide not to abort it (as abortion is an option, but one that shouldn't be taken lightly) then humour her by having the paternity test. She might not doubt you so much then.

you have a good point, but consider this. what if they're both 14 or 15 years old? I know you remember how immature most kids are at that age. many wouldn't be able to raise a kid. scratch that. 99% wouldn't be able to.

I did say it was a very good option, especially if they're young, but that ultimately it is their choice.

OUCH! Not a good sign of trust and a good relationship between you and the mother. :-/ and I would def be offended by her request of DNA testing... it's sad how many unplanned pregnancies occur in the US. Just be rationale and consider all options.

7 - It is illegal in most countries to get an abortion after the first trimester. Since she is in her third month I'd say that ship has sailed.

alright, I just learned something. I never knew that. just wondering, but what are some of these countries?

she cant make you adopt your baby out unless u choose to yourself