By damniphone - 29/06/2013 05:31 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, my friend thought it would be funny to change the language setting on my phone to Mandarin. Unfortunately, neither of us knows Mandarin, and we can't change it back to English. FML
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I did that once except that I changed it to Japanese, the FML was refused. FML

Kallian_fml 21

Time to make a new Asian friend.


Kallian_fml 21

Time to make a new Asian friend.

This has happened to me before, all you need to do is put your phone in a bag of rice at night, then wait for the Asians to come and fix it...this also works on all other electronics.

perdix 29

Unless they are Pakistani or Uzbek, because that probably won't help.

37, you make me wish I could favourite comments :D

Zimmington 21

Or he could Google it. I'm sure he's not the first to do this. I know I have.

Or just find a Chinese guy on the street to help?

Just tell Siri to fix it for you, OP!

AssassinBug 15

Roses are red Violets are blue If Asians can't solve it It's impossibru!

I did that once except that I changed it to Japanese, the FML was refused. FML

Actually, in this situation it means 'wa'.

SwtCherryPie 26

Kind of depends on who decided to moderate FML's that day. Not just up to the FML staff entirely.

Well, it is really. Otherwise people might get to see gems like this: "Today,I tell my friend ‘u are my bbf.’My friend almost cry.I though becuz she is so touch.BUT she say I HATE U!!I m O.o.THEN I noe BBF STAND FOR BAD fr 4EVER…. XD LOL" Riveting stuff.


The sad thing, Sirin, is that you can't moderate anymore without 70% of the FMLs being just like that.

OMFG Sirin, have a heart! He/She sounds heartbroken. From what I can make out of that particular piece of poetry.

Google it, hopefully they'll have a how to guide with pictures for each step. If that doesn't work go to the store, I'm sure they can fix it.

jaredofmo 22

Yeah, there's even a "how to" YouTube video called "How To Change The Language on your iPod, iPhone or iPad." (There's probably more than one, I stopped looking after the first one.)

Just keep guessing on the settings. Or reset the phone. Maybe go to your cell phone provider?

challan 19

你搞砸 which means... You're screwed! Seriously OP, just run down to the apple store. They'll fix out for you.

How do you know it's an Apple product?

The name of the poster is damniphone...

People are so unaware of their surroundings.

I'm not positive but I don't think google translate has mandarin. I don't think it would be possible because mandarin has around 2000 characters.

dyehardxen 19

OP would have to figure out how to type Mandarin, also.

no he could just look up the words 'settings' and 'language' in Google translate and then look for the characters in his phone.

Wizardo 33

Call that one Chinese guy you know to fix it and be forever indebted to him! Its all good.

deepunder 17

I feel insulted. People in my debt never fill them.

#93. just a joke. if i were OP, i wouldnt feel insulted. Thats OK

Hey, it's not so hard! Just play around with it until you find it! Do you know the settings icon? Go into your settings, press the option that has the same icon, then chose the third option from the bottom. In this new screen press the first option and there you go, language settings! Hope it helps~ c:

If you don't know what the icon looks like grab someone else's iPhone & find the language settings on that one, then do the exact same thing on your Mandarin iPhone.

find someone with the same phone as yours so you can change it back by modelling after the english one...

I did that permanently to keep people from screwing with my phone. I barely know much Japanese, but it allows me to leave it around the house without worry that anyone will or even COULD browse anything in it. Just memorize your menu options. You could go to the store and they can reset it, or you could find someone with the same phone and just copy the options that way. If the store can't fix it then just go to the store and ask to see your brand of phone and do option 2 that way. #5 I wonder why you would assume it to be a crappy iExspencivePieceOfCrap? Maybe it isn't an apple? Those things tend to suck tbh anyway...

KMCG31 3

You surely don't know nothing, iPhones are the best! Even tough I don't have one. They have a great great quality

42- sorry to be a prick, but you used a double negative. If he don't know nothing it means he knows something!