Close encounters

By blarp - 17/10/2011 04:20 - United States

Today, I was in a public restroom. The guy in the urinal next to me was making loud sounds of discomfort. I ignored him and finished up. I turned around to be greeted by his red swollen beehive of a crotch, and him asking, "Is my penis supposed to look like this?" FML
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"no,sir i think not.ER now"

Ikushka 3

No man and you aren't supposed to be asking me either


"no,sir i think not.ER now"

pronounciations 5

What the fuck happened?

xCrazyWhiteGirlx 0

Am I the only one that notices "next to me" is written twice?

1 Nope, I noticed.

LiveLaughFML 10

kill it with fire! kill it with firrrrrrre

maybe some STD or something or a lot of STDs like the man equivalent of a blue waffle

I would have kicked it and walked away..

ShroomsOnAcid 16

17 Maybe the first "next to me" was referring to the urinal, and the second was referring to the guy? Nah, it's still repetitive.

fthislyfe 22

Haha I didn't notice it the first time. Weird...

3- I'm assuming nuclear radiation or something cool

maybe his dick is normal yours is not? or he has an STI

Only after sleeping with a hooker in Thailand

#74 Speaking from experience?

Yes, auzzrage. The burning sensation when you pee is entirely normal.

enonymous 8

I'm still waiting on my answer... Is it supposed to look this way?

...Just go back in your stall and hope it doesn't touch you

Id straight up sparta kick that fuckin pervert in the chest

davidisbeast 12

#54 I hope you know blue waffles aren't real ...

Maybe he had an actual beehive on there!! Or was there just a lot of red pubes?? Either way, if it looked angry, run bitch run!!!

scarred and awkward? LOL!

I hopw you said yes..

I wonder how many "next to me"s can be put together before I realize there's more than 1

And ihop with you sounds delicious

Why would you hope that???

Because that's how his looks and he wants it to be normal

MCRaddict 0

i really hope u said yes

LoveLife293 2

That's too disgusting...

kings1fan 6

Think he was just excited to se you

tittymagic 0

I can't imagine what it looks like in actual person, on a total stranger because I have seen pictures that have made me want to barf

^ like your picture.... :-0==={~}

Ikushka 3

No man and you aren't supposed to be asking me either

txgirl2013 14

Hopefully you told him to go to the hospital...

I ate a live cute puppy once

38 you made my day

38: that's a fennec fox, not a puppy.

saIty 17

I wonder what kind of kinky things he did to get that. Or maybe he likes to walk around naked in his backyard and a bee stung it.

chubby_choco 17

You wonder? You're crazy. I'm specifically trying NOT to wonder how he did that to himself.

Buttsexpirate 9

Just say no.

Jamicianprince 1

Thats totally normal not ):