By Coquette - 22/04/2012 18:14 - United States

Today, I realized just how awful my relationships have been when I discovered I emotionally connect with women on Jerry Springer. FML
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I was about to thumb you up, but then I saw the dreaded hashtag.

15- did you seriously just use a # on FML? .-.


whitey53 5

You will find someone some day op, dont sweat it too much.

If not, there are always cats!

If your ******** boyfriend isn't cutting for you, then you could always go for some pussy..... Cats

If not, you could go for a bitch or pussy

What does OP mean?

Be like the crazy cat lady off Simpsons!

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Try and get support from families adter break ups and maybe try, and find a nice decent guy to date. Good luck.

Skoomaki I've always wondered how you manage to comment among the first ones in an awful lot of FMLs, are you on some app or something?

26 - Yes. I'm on my trusty iPod. I'm at home studying so I use FML to keep me occupied.

My not so trusty iPod notifies me about new FMLs about 2-3 hours late, even when I'm on the app and it says new FMLs have been just posted, it's not true. My iPod loves trolling me.

Baconinator2000 0

Wow. I'm lucky to even get on the first page. I gotta give u props for that but also worry that all u do is read FML's

She doesn't just read them; she comments on them too!

34 - It's not all I do. I just check every now and then, I'm lucky most of the time. I comment whenever. 33 mine is the exact same - makes no sense!

I had to turn the badges off because all it did was troll me. It really sucked. By the way your comments are usually really good, but its hard to tell what someones like until you start dating them.

Really? What times are these? o.o


Fine. Don't tell me. It's not like I care. *sniffle*

KatrinaKitten 16

There are plenty more fish in the sea, as cliché as that sounds.

If you are dating fish then relating to people on TV is not the most pressing issue here...

Yeah..that's probably an issue

'you got my sister pregnant!' 'shut up, she's my sister too!' What I think of when I think of Jerry Springer.

Lmfao 88. & Yess, OP that is a definite **** my life!

Go out with your friends, have fun. Jerry springer isn't all there is to life!

That crap is still on?

Even though when it comes on I'm thinking "this is so stupid" I can't stop watching it. People like drama.

At least you don't watch twilight :)

Finally!! some one has said it. terrible acting and plot. so many better vampire and were wolf stories out there.

Finally? You must be new here.

Jerry episodes are still a better love story than twilight.

challan 19

Stop dating men from the trailer park then.

We trailer park men prefer "the hood" if you catch my drift.

KatrinaKitten 16

Where, exactly, within the FML does it imply that OP has been dating trailer trash guys? And where, exactly, in life, have you come to the assumption that trailer trash guys will treat you badly? Not that I've had any experience with them (as you might have, explaining your spite), but half of the time it is actually the wealthier and well-to-do that treat their ladies badly as well; they just don't get as bad as a rep for it because of their social standing. #justsaying

I was about to thumb you up, but then I saw the dreaded hashtag.

15- did you seriously just use a # on FML? .-.

Oh God. The curse of the hashtag. It's even coming to FML now? NOOO!

KatrinaKitten 16

*deletes hashtag*

Katrina I like how you defend people from the trailer parks, then you call them trailer trash.

KatrinaKitten 16

46- What else do I call them? Indigenous species inhabited within the lovely plastic encasements of termite-infested loveliness...

KiddNYC1O 20

15- Jerry Springer implies that.

All's good as long as you don't start lamenting over broken relationships on Sims.