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  Sebastian_NG  |  17

My not so trusty iPod notifies me about new FMLs about 2-3 hours late, even when I'm on the app and it says new FMLs have been just posted, it's not true. My iPod loves trolling me.

  SkoomaKi  |  27

34 - It's not all I do. I just check every now and then, I'm lucky most of the time. I comment whenever. 33 mine is the exact same - makes no sense!

  42istheanswer  |  27

I had to turn the badges off because all it did was troll me. It really sucked.

By the way your comments are usually really good, but its hard to tell what someones like until you start dating them.

  KatrinaKitten  |  16

Where, exactly, within the FML does it imply that OP has been dating trailer trash guys? And where, exactly, in life, have you come to the assumption that trailer trash guys will treat you badly? Not that I've had any experience with them (as you might have, explaining your spite), but half of the time it is actually the wealthier and well-to-do that treat their ladies badly as well; they just don't get as bad as a rep for it because of their social standing.