By Yay..... - 17/08/2010 04:21 - Canada

Today, my friends thought it would be a good idea to make fun of a homeless man. I didn't fancy making fun of the less fortunate, so I stayed a bit back. Still, the homeless man didn't think it would matter to throw a rock at me after my buddies ran away. FML
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He thought you guys rocked.

ydi for having bad friends


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hobos creep me out

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dirty mike and the boys

get new friends, the hobo perhaps?


Horde 8

"He who is present at a wrongdoing and does not lift a hand to prevent it is guilty as the wrongdoers." YDI

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my neighborhood has a hobo but he's nice and sells stolen things and copied DVDs etc. we all just call him the friendly neighborhood hobo :]

What 27 said. PS -- Don't be a doormat. Find some friends who aren't assholes.

watching 2 hobos fight over some food is the funniest shit ever.

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Your friends are pathetic. Find new ones.

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42, what's funny in looking at other peoples' grief?

that hobo probably hits up crack, crystal meth, cocaine, spends every dime on hand sanitizer so he can give himself alcohol poison.. who knows what else maybe herpes.. but w.e bible says Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone... he hit u first kid

YDI for your friends thinking it would be a good idea to make fun of a homeless man. You didn't fancy making fun of the less fortunate, so you stayed a bit back. Still, the homeless man didn't think it would matter to throw a rock at you after your buddies ran away.

something similar happened to me once, apparently I was the mastermind behind everything even though I didn't participate.

#55: cool story, bro-bitussin.

it's ok, in the bible it says: "Thee who shalst be threwn a rock upon by a hobo, shalst see the light of god, and heaven shall await."

bahaha 61 ftw!! 

#9 ahaha The Other Guys reference!!!....I think.

seriously your guilty 2 if u don't stop it

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A hobo asked me out once. True fuckin story.

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2 camels in a tiny car

lol the other guys reference ftw!!!!!! " a bunch of hobos had a sexy orgy in your car."

#9- LMFAO That Movie Is Awesome. xD Having An Orgy In His Car..

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@ 42 is your name Adam Cooley?

Haha yeah I noticed that too.

Your friends are assholes. Consider making new ones before you end up watching a hobo burn to death when you and your retard assclown friends are out drinking.

He thought you guys rocked.

That wasn't very gneiss of the bum. Sounds like he took it for granite that he was hitting someone who picked on him. Ore he could have just been expressing his sediments.

hahaha hobo 1 op -1

Need more minerals. Build additional Pylons.

pylons are for increased population count stupid

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food for thought

ydi for having bad friends

I agree with your YDI assessment, but for a different reason: OP just stood there instead of stopping his friends.

SarahSehhati 40

right like you didn't stop them for pucking on him. You just stood there. If I was a homeless person I would thrown a rock at every single one of you.

nice friends xD

this does suck and it's deffinetly an FML, but you should of told your friends not to, not just not do anything

should have**

should have... taken english lessons

The message is what counts, expert on the English language. At least one of the two commentators is nice... But OP, you really should stand up for what's right; not just standing back and watching when you know something is wrong.

dude, your friends are bitches!! good on you for being nice :) too bad the homeless person didn't think that too :(

That's right, keep making fun of the homeless & see how long kharma takes on you!!! >:{ Fyl, op, for being a chicken!!

The people you hang with are a reflection of you.

mona_is_here 10

12, I agree. Like we say in Russia, tell me who your friend is and I'll say who you are.

That's a universal saying. It's not exclusive to your backward ass country.

Horde 8

Universal means they CAN say it in mother russia, she didn't said it's exclusive to her country. Crawl back under your US rock, you troll.