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Today, I had to explain to my sister why it's unhygienic, socially unacceptable and downright inappropriate to apply Thrush ointment in the lounge room. I realised I wasn't getting through to her when she called me ''Uptight,'' ''Victorian" and ''prudish'' to name a few. FML
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tereshay 0

it's inappropriate to " have your boob out " in public or around family members. it's disgusting


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Darn. my iPod flipped out and the comment page I was on was page 2/1

if she needs ointment for her mouth, she proly needs it for other places too. she could have given you a real show

35 and 65 my iPhone did the same thing.

ahh dayum, tell ur sister to call me up when her thrush is gone<3

baby_val 0

idk even kno wht tht stuff is uu put it on ur mouth wht?!

Monikabug 9

What next, shaving her legs and clipping her toenails in the kitchen? That is disgusting. All these posts about people and their bad hygiene is really making me go crazy. I need a bottle of Germ-X.

she would not be complaining if she was applying it to the mouth you silly silly people. That's disgusting and fyl!

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WTF happened to my beautiful comment???

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seriously WTF is thrush ointment and 123 wuts with the sims pic

This whole freaking chain is a train wreck

cookie_monster2 0

maybe you are that. no really an FML

Lawzen_Rainbow 7

is ur sister a frigging hillbilly?!

Monikabug 9

^ this is what I was thinking. Take it to the bathroom. ._.

How do you circumcise a hillbilly? Kick his sister in the jaw.

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blueeyes24 0

No thrush is yeast... not an STD

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Thrush is like a yeast infection of the mouth. Treated with antifungals, not antibiotics.

it's inappropriate to " have your boob out " in public or around family members. it's disgusting

you'll disagree when you grow up and have kids, don't talk about things you know nothing about

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Sounds inappropriate to me. Unless you're into incest.

thrush is a yeast infection. it can b in the mouth, but is more common in a womans privates, especially when you're on antibiotics. the antibiotics will kill the normal bacteria in the ******, therefore leaving it susceptible to a fungal infection. op wouldn't be complaining about it if it were in her sisters mouth (or boob)... so I'm sure op's sister was sitting there, legs open, applying the treatment to her vag. yes op's life sucks if she has to live with that.

but again no one knows and maybe OP IS Victorian and prude because it in fact is only her mouth that is infected, you can't judge without the facts

If she's doing it to feed her kid then I don't think it's bad at all. breast feeding in public though is still out there in terms of decency. it's a natural part if human life and it shouldn't be stigmatized.

agreed, some things should just be done in private

tors 9

thrush isn't an STD! twat! you can et it from sex but it's an over production of yeast-natural. deary me. stress can bring it out!

matt1337c 0

Not fml. You got called names (even good ones), so what?

agreed. f her like for having thrush. i think op just wanted to brag that she's anal or whatever