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  Today, I had to explain to my sister why it's unhygienic, socially unacceptable and downright inappropriate to apply Thrush ointment in the lounge room. I realised I wasn't getting through to her when she called me ''Uptight,'' ''Victorian" and ''prudish'' to name a few. FML
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  Monikabug  |  9

What next, shaving her legs and clipping her toenails in the kitchen? That is disgusting.
All these posts about people and their bad hygiene is really making me go crazy. I need a bottle of Germ-X.

  morgan020  |  0

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  danii_s2  |  0

thrush is a yeast infection. it can b in the mouth, but is more common in a womans privates, especially when you're on antibiotics. the antibiotics will kill the normal bacteria in the vagina, therefore leaving it susceptible to a fungal infection. op wouldn't be complaining about it if it were in her sisters mouth (or boob)... so I'm sure op's sister was sitting there, legs open, applying the treatment to her vag. yes op's life sucks if she has to live with that.

  asteroth  |  8

If she's doing it to feed her kid then I don't think it's bad at all. breast feeding in public though is still out there in terms of decency. it's a natural part if human life and it shouldn't be stigmatized.