By Anonymous - 19/02/2013 18:47 - United States - Indiana

Today, I got locked out of my car for an hour in frigid weather at a busy gas station. Every time I tried to use the key, the alarm went off and the locks wouldn't work. The car company claims they've never heard of this happening. I just bought it last week after taking out a 5 year loan. FML
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laya_fml 26

I'm thinking you should say what type of car you got, so we all know what car not to buy.

*Walks back to car and sees steel I-beam crushing their car* "Dammit! Someone steeled my car again!"


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*Walks back to car and sees steel I-beam crushing their car* "Dammit! Someone steeled my car again!"

It's not funny! I have the same problem!

tjv3 10

This is why I don't want a car that doesn't have a way for me to manually unlock the doors. I have worked in it for 18 years and I have learned that everything breaks and you always need a backup plan . In this case it would be a key. Well I say all this then I wonder if op had one of the keyless cars or if op didn't think about using the key to manually unlock the door. Hmm

39- thats because theyre not meant to last forever. Car manufacturers make little profit of the sale of the vehicle in comparison to the sale of spare parts that need to be replaced over the course of the vehicles life.

You most likely need to replace the key.( it has a sensor that the car uses the start the ignition). my mom has had enough car problems for me to know them all by Now

I understand the point your making fully. But the message im trying to get across is along the same lines as my last post. If you have 2 cars. One has fully electronic climate control, the other has a mechanical heater control setup. Say for example one of the vents stops changing directions in both cars. Which is going to be the cheaper repair? Obviously the mechanical as the parts are cheaper and its easier to diagnose. Thats why they cram so much useless shit in modern cars. So you have to spend the money to get it repaired by a specialist.

All cars have a way to be unlocked manually. It's required by law. What does happen is car manufacturers try to hide it in inconspicuous places for aesthetic purposes.

Austy34 5

Me going home;ugh I've had such a long day and have a splitting headache **unlocks car***** HONK HONK HONK! Me:Jesus!

An extract from a kindergarten story book that didn't make it to the stores.

If you read it with a splitting headache, it makes perfect sense... sigh.

laya_fml 26

I'm thinking you should say what type of car you got, so we all know what car not to buy.

Just don't buy a new car period, they all suck. Unless you're rich and you burn money as a hobby.. Then you can buy yourself a Ferrari, and if you have problems with the locks you won't care because you own a ******* Ferrari. ;)

Karalela44 15

38 I accidentally liked your comment. Please disregard that

SystemofaBlink41 27

58 I made up for it! You're welcome!

I'm going with Volkswagen. They're temperamental biotches when it comes to keys and remotes.

#38- Or OP could get a Jaguar. Those cars break down every other week and are a huge hassle to repair.

If you can't get in the car, you can't drive it...

Advice: turn off the alarm before using the key, keys don't disable car alarms anymore - only the remotes do. Or have the dealer check your key's chipset to make sure it isn't faulty.

Well, if he just bought the car, there has to be some type of warranty on it. So, the company should pay to have it fixed.

thebaddayblues 3

Yes! That the ONLY logical explanation! Better call Shia LaBouf!

mkid232 15

Really? There's a Decepticon in the vicinity, and your first idea is a crappy actor, not an Autobot?

Well, I wouldn't know how to contact Optimus Prime. He has an unlisted number, unfortunately. I'm sure Shia wouldn't mind arranging a meeting, though. Why the two of us are old pals. Oh the laughs we shared last week at the court house, right before the judge handed me that restraining order... Good times... Good times...

JR_Goes_Rawr 11

If trying to unlock the car turns on the alarm, then turn on the alarm to unlock the car. Duh!

fylx100 19

I... But... That's.. That's brilliant. I like the way you think good sir!

Mine used go off randomly, so I had to have it disconnected. I won't know if someone's stealing my P.O.S., but at least the alarm doesn't go off anymore!

asianswag 6

Is it possible that it isn't your car but one that looks like it?

In a gas station? In a situation where the car owner is above 18 (obviously) and has enough common sense to notice the real owner coming to move the car away? Where your key works with the car youre looking at? Computer says..... no.

devilz_advocate 7

15- If you have been on this site long enough to make an account, you should know that just because someone's 18 or older doesn't mean they have common sense.