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As long as you're a guy, its okay to use at a distance.

Just dig a hole in the ground


As long as you're a guy, its okay to use at a distance.

Not if you've gotta go #2. No amount of foul stenches will motivate you to squeeze the cheeks hard enough to make your shit soar

You need to watch the "Volcano" scene from Jackass 3

If you gotta do #1.. Some distance sniping is perfectly fine!

Hopefully OP was smart enough to check the other, the distance may not be neccesary. Or am I the only one that thinks it could be the "new guy on the job" prank to send them to the nasty one and call it the OK one?

Hold it in or invest in some diapers in case its impossible to hold it in anymore. That's gross. I'd just hold it in until my day was done.

Just dig a hole in the ground

Imagine what the nasty toilet must look and smell like!

I know - I just like kicking in open doors.

You could at least have the courtesy to knock first.

10 - I don't have any proof or statistics to back up my assumption, but I think it would've just been thumbed down.

Well, you're going to have to expand your imagination and come up with an even fouler stench, because the OK toilet may be occupied when nature calls.

Oh no, screw that. I would just hold it until the first bathroom was free, I'm squicky enough with germs as it is. xD

This is why as soon as I enter a bathroom I stop breathing through my nose so that I don't have to endure the horrible stench.

Of course, they're not going to give a newbie the clean toilet. You must first prove you are worthy.

what he didn't mention was the third one where you had to dig yourself a hole

From the sound of it, I think I would rather dig a hole in the ground and squat right there than use those disgusting toilets! I have a really bad gag reflex so I'm pretty sure I would be puking my brains out from the smell. Gross!

27, at least you would be near a toilet :D

Well... That blows. Good luck.

if u work on a building dite any toilet is a bonus, we used to have to drop trou anywhere, usually in someones hard hat

Maybe you will accidentally knock over the "nasty" toilet with some machinery- therefore the company must get a new one. Or, they will say "too bad, deal with one" it's a long shot...

You're a man - the world is your urinal.

Until you need to take a dump. But thats what leaves are for.