By theotherotherguy - New Zealand - Auckland

Sounds lovely

Today, I started a job on a building site. Halfway through, I needed to use the toilet. One of the builders said there were two of them; one was "OK" and the other was "nasty." The first one I walked into had the foulest stench imaginable. Apparently, that was the "OK" one. FML
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  Drigr  |  9

Hopefully OP was smart enough to check the other, the distance may not be neccesary. Or am I the only one that thinks it could be the "new guy on the job" prank to send them to the nasty one and call it the OK one?

By  perdix  |  29

Well, you're going to have to expand your imagination and come up with an even fouler stench, because the OK toilet may be occupied when nature calls.

  Nabee143  |  3

From the sound of it, I think I would rather dig a hole in the ground and squat right there than use those disgusting toilets! I have a really bad gag reflex so I'm pretty sure I would be puking my brains out from the smell. Gross!

By  bReLiNg  |  18

Maybe you will accidentally knock over the "nasty" toilet with some machinery- therefore the company must get a new one. Or, they will say "too bad, deal with one" it's a long shot...