By GrandTheftArson - 09/03/2016 03:51 - Canada - Waterloo

Today, my ex stole my car keys. Good news is she can't drive stick. Bad news is she set my car on fire. FML
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You at least get to press charges.

football98_fml 20

And I set fireeeeee, to your car, watched it burnnnn as I ran away


football98_fml 20

And I set fireeeeee, to your car, watched it burnnnn as I ran away

Love the smell of burning nap.. I mean car in the morning!

I hope the crazy girl sex was worth ??

There's a reason why it says ex

She wanted to watch your world burn

File a police report ASAP.

You at least get to press charges.

Oh my that's awful, not only about your ruined car, but having to deal with someone that crazy and vindictive. Press charges, she not only took the keys to try and attempt to steal your car, but then set it on fire afterwards. Might also want to consider a restraining order, with her behavior she might come after you directly too.

If the girl wanted to go after op, I don't think a piece of paper will stop her that well.

Sometimes even getting a piece of paper is enough to scare them from not coming after you. However, the benefits of a restraining order is if the ex is even within a certain distance of OP, he can call the cops and have her arrested.

gabechriswill 19

never understand why exes do these things as if there is no punishment...police report and lawsuit should keep her away.

A manual transmission is quickly becoming a way to protect your car from people stealing it, at least in the US.

If only it protected from fires too..

I never understood why people in the US mostly drive an automatic, I mean it's easier yeah, but I prefer manual, so much better to control.

well I know just enough to drive one

You should thank her, cause now you can get a new car from her pocket as well as watch her get jailed

Not really. Maybe OP had really worked on that car, tuned it, or restored it to perfect condition.