By Anonymous - 05/12/2010 00:54 - United States

Today, I lost my job. I was so upset that I put in my favorite mix CD of all the songs that get me feeling better. While scanning for my favorite song, I hit the car in front of me. FML
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music makes life so much better music is the best thing created since sliced toasted bread with butter.


Was the song "highway to hell" by ACDC?

I wish I knew if OP was a woman or not so there'd be some more "women can't drive jokes" on a side note, I'm getting my baby (car) back tomorrow! She got hit, it was my fault though, and I'm not surprised since I'm a woman...:(

15- it most definitely was :)

22- you are a disgrace. lolll. but then again I do like sum sexist jokes. against men.

Hé hé, nice one, 15. @22, you're pretty honest about that, it's great ! however, I'd prefer to have more good drivers on the road, rather that bad ones who know they are ... ah, well ...

22 you're an idiot

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Britney "oops I did it again"

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where did u put it

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yes im # 69

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Yeah, really.

ahh something similar happened to me.. I hope you didn't have to pay for damages to the other persons car..

why wouldn't he have to pay for it? he did the damage.

Some states are no fault where when in an accident, both parties insurances handle only their own client instead of legal battles over who should pay. If I remember right, Kentucky is a no-fault State.

hey I like your profile picture. is that Andy sixx..?

Whos profile picture?

No fault is stupid. Car crashes are always someone's fault. Clearly this one was the OP. I have been involved in a couple of accidents in my life. Yet my insurance company has never paid out a dine, because none of them were my fault. The other guy paid.

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pay attention to the road upset or not. YDI

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Can't you do that BEFORE you get in the car?!

apparently not.

It's a good idea, though !

music makes life so much better music is the best thing created since sliced toasted bread with butter.

No it's not. You are a liar.

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Yes it is, don't listen to the jerk-off above.

#7 well in that case I'm a jewgarian Jew+hungarian. Not really I'm not Jewish.

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Well what song were you trying to get to?!?!

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Fuck the other driver's life.

you're pretty

you have no face.

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cutest girl I've ever seen... get into modeling! seriously

well it's obvious she's been whoreing around. lmao

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Wrong FML haha.

hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! no.

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I agree