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  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

I wish I knew if OP was a woman or not so there'd be some more "women can't drive jokes"

on a side note, I'm getting my baby (car) back tomorrow! She got hit, it was my fault though, and I'm not surprised since I'm a woman...:(

  sirdolittle  |  0

Hé hé, nice one, 15.

@22, you're pretty honest about that, it's great !
however, I'd prefer to have more good drivers on the road, rather that bad ones who know they are ... ah, well ...

  SwayofEntropy  |  0

Some states are no fault where when in an accident, both parties insurances handle only their own client instead of legal battles over who should pay. If I remember right, Kentucky is a no-fault State.

  SpinozaQ  |  2

No fault is stupid. Car crashes are always someone's fault. Clearly this one was the OP. I have been involved in a couple of accidents in my life. Yet my insurance company has never paid out a dine, because none of them were my fault. The other guy paid.