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Today, I was severely chewed out by my boss because, according to him, I look down on him too often. I'm 6ft5. FML

By makiju / Tuesday 13 November 2012 21:23 / France - M?zi?res-sur-seine
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  decidedlyvague  |  11

Always make sure he's at the top of the stairs when you start a conversation with him. Or carry around a stack of phone books, and drop them on the ground in front of him when he starts talking to you.

  winkydog4056  |  16

#51_they usually do...


6'5" here. I'm cool with the comments but the thin that bugs me is when your relatives who haven't seen you in 5-6 years come up to you and do the whole "look how bog you've gotten!!".

  realeah  |  4

^ I'm not entirely sure what went on right there... But his manager is probably feeling a little fiesty 'cause he's got the short end of the stick. It's just that he wishes he could be "looked up to", in a manner of speaking, like OP. Technically we should all feel bad for him, it's just very unshortunate that he is the way he is.

  MrSassypants  |  31

With wheels so he can move.... wait a second... that is an amazing idea. Don't any of you bastards try to steal my, obviously, million dollar idea. If you do I'll cut your face straight off your face.

  realeah  |  4

42- They're called segways. Look online. You'll find them there, likely with a picture of a overweight man wearing a fanny pack, tacky hawiian shirt, visor, and massive 90's glasses riding one.

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