By makiju - 13/11/2012 21:23 - France - M?zi?res-sur-seine

Today, I was severely chewed out by my boss because, according to him, I look down on him too often. I'm 6ft5. FML
I agree, your life sucks 442
You deserved it 26

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AGhost5445 25

He has a short temper.

Stand farther away when u talk to him


Stand farther away when u talk to him

Lindahhxd 7

Say you're flatter he looks up to you :)

honeybadgerr 9

Well then his boss will chew him out for yelling at him

Wear a tuxedo and a white morph suit while you're at it.

Okay even I have to agree my comment sucks.

decidedlyvague 11

Always make sure he's at the top of the stairs when you start a conversation with him. Or carry around a stack of phone books, and drop them on the ground in front of him when he starts talking to you.

winkydog4056 16

#51_they usually do...

I have heard all of these cheesy tall jokes before, I'm 6'8".

6'5" here. I'm cool with the comments but the thin that bugs me is when your relatives who haven't seen you in 5-6 years come up to you and do the whole "look how bog you've gotten!!".

GirlOnFire143 6

Or when people ask you how tall you are, knowing full well that you are extremely tall, and then pretending to act surprised when you say that you're 5'10.

Start crawling around on your knees.

*Cue 80's porn music*

Waled 1

yes that maybe will help

AGhost5445 25

He has a short temper.

Gosh so insensitive to us. (/0A0)/ ~ _|_|_

^ I'm not entirely sure what went on right there... But his manager is probably feeling a little fiesty 'cause he's got the short end of the stick. It's just that he wishes he could be "looked up to", in a manner of speaking, like OP. Technically we should all feel bad for him, it's just very unshortunate that he is the way he is.

It was a sarcastic comment with a guy throwing a table.

Don't think so little of him. I'm allowed to joke. I'm 5"0 / 153 cm tall (or short)

GirlOnFire143 6

Tall people have it pretty hard. I'm 14, a girl, and 5'10.

Just a little upset?

14, a girl and 5'10? Try 14, a girl and a full 6'.

gmc_blossom 21

I'm 17, a girl, and 5'0. It's no fun, either.

ninjaqueen101 18

Maybe he should just ask you for a weather forecast.

That's when OP spits and says "It's raining".

And that's when he gets fired, 61.

BluFlames 8

And that's when the fun is ruined, 66....

you must be fun at parties #66

Time to start walking around on your knees. Be careful, though - your boss may think you're offering something.

A free shoe shining?:O

A gift from Sam? BUT WHY?!

13- Are you a native English speaker?

Are talking from experience here Doc?

psychotics101 9

Is it ironic that your comment has 69 likes??

GirlOnFire143 6


GirlOnFire143 6


Buy him a stool.

With wheels so he can move.... wait a second... that is an amazing idea. Don't any of you bastards try to steal my, obviously, million dollar idea. If you do I'll cut your face straight off your face.

37 Noo>:C they have personal scooters. Acting like all high and snooty riding around hmph. (Where can I order one?)

42- They're called segways. Look online. You'll find them there, likely with a picture of a overweight man wearing a fanny pack, tacky hawiian shirt, visor, and massive 90's glasses riding one.

44 I was thinking more like the motorized wheel chairs. As far as segways I imagine more so old people then fat people.

Tell him he should be looking up to you and your work ethic.

Sounds like your boss needs some confidence.

rintintin19 5

or some platform shoes..

Thank you 13 I couldn't remember the name when I was making my comment.

Get him stilts. Bosses love stilts.. No? Ok.

Yay thank you!:) *Goes frollicking*

Well you didnt tell us how tall your boss is. He could be 7ft2 for what we know.

Yes, because 7ft2 is shorter then 6ft2.