Snitches get stitches

By bad sis sad sis - 24/09/2020 02:01

Today, I told my mom that I walked in on my sister and her boyfriend having sex. My mom flew into a rage and slapped me several times, calling me a liar and made me apologize to my sister for saying something “so disgusting” about her. I wasn’t lying and she just smirked the whole time. FML
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Is trying to tattle on each other, for having sex, really the relationship you want with your sister?


Well, they DO say that snitches get stitches...

Is trying to tattle on each other, for having sex, really the relationship you want with your sister?

While I agree, I do think it also depends on the sister’s age.

This screams “only child.” But as the other said it definitely depends on her age and also the issue is the mom being physically abusive and the sister enjoying seeing him get in trouble. Or did you get so heated over making this comment all logic got thrown out the window so you could scold him?

OP how old are you - 12? Exactly what did you expect to happen in the best case informing on your sister like that? Obviously you still live at home. If your sister had gotten in trouble based on what you said, trust me your sister would find a way to get back at you. And she will still probably hold a grudge over this. Apologize to your sister and keep your attention on your own life and not your sister’s life. It’s time to grow up.

Perhaps the sister is 12? In that case I find snitching justified.

Given Mom’s reaction, I suspect that OP has a history of badmouthing sister. Either that or Sister is the “favorite child” for some reason. Unless sister is a minor and boyfriend is an adult, it would have been far better for OP to first talk to sister about the danger she might be in if that was the case - As opposed to simple jealousy or envy. But OP’s post said nothing that implied that. In a family you have to learn to get along with your siblings otherwise they can make each other’s lives miserable. And most parents really don’t want to hear a constant stream of sniping by one sibling about another. Of course it was wrong for Mom to slap OP for telling her something she obviously didn’t want to hear - Very poor parenting! But the reaction says there is another story going on here. Either Sister is the “good child” who can do no wrong or this is just one more time OP has tried to get sister into trouble.

You need to get laid and mind your own business.

The fact that your mother couldn't hear you out and actually slapped you through the face is rather worrying.

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Same thing happened to me except I was 10 and beaten with a wooden hanger

Man I don't even normally comment. While I agree with some of the comments as snitching isn't a great look, you don't deserve to be hit or slapped over it and I'm really sorry that happened my friend. No one deserves that.

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I can't believe this doesn't have more upvotes and everyone seems perfectly fine that this person got slapped by their mother! That's not ok and there's no excuse for her violence.

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Why do you tell her things if she reacts that way?