By WOW - 13/07/2013 20:40 - Kenya

Today, my driving instructor failed me on my test, because I forgot to turn the air conditioning off after parking. FML
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I feel that there's gotta be a way to fight that. That's total bullshit.

That's just cold...


Should've parallel parked your finger on that button.

Did you try and play it cool, OP?

SwaggCapone 11

they do things different in Kenya

Or retake the test and don't turn the a/c on. Let his ass cook, and put it on a low heat for good measure. What a dick. Sorry OP

This guy wanted a bribe. I know, it's the same thing in my country.

48, then the instructor would have failed OP, and probably have a legitimate reason with the creation of an unsafe driving environment OP, is there some kind of appeal you can make? If not, make a complaint, even if to prevent him from failing others for stupid reasons like that

Yeah some people just want to assholes. They dont realize that you don't drive all the time and that its a new thing. My first drivers test, I was failed for pulling out of a parking spot wrong. I went to a different DMV and passed because they understood that you're nervous. I would file a complaint and fight it. Thats a big step in everyone's life and they're trying to keep you from it.

Good idea! Bastard deserves it.

I feel that there's gotta be a way to fight that. That's total bullshit.

I find that fighting a failed driving test may be rather hard.

Or would it be the bullshit you'd be fighting?

If so, I believe that'd be pretty shitty.

You may wanna stop. Just saying

I think it's time to stop, Athleticism.

If the engine's switched off during parking, then you would have to switch-on the air-con again to have air-con. In which case, the battery will run flat and the car won't start the next day, presuming OP doesn't discover it earlier.

Go home, Athleticism, you're drunk.

89: Or just stupid.

85 what? How would A/C make u car any different to start as a mechanic I can personally say that AC uses engine power not battery power and only uses a small amount of battery power to engage the clutch on the compressor something which it will not do unless the engine is running

I guess i shouldn't trust my mechanic then. Because he told me to switch off my air-con before i switch off my engine, so that i will not have problems starting my automatic car the next morning. Frankly, you mechanics!

89- Durr hurr, I is stupid.

The entire A/C system is key power which means if its working properly once the key is off there is no power to the system

Can you even be failed for that?! You should talk to the centre and try to get it fixed! Good luck OP!

That's just cold...

DrownedMyFish 18

Icy what you did there.

Pwn17 25

Cool it with the puns, guys.

Air you guys done yet ?

I dunno, I'm warming up to it.

Alright everyone, chill. That's enough.

These puns aren't too bad. I suppose I'm conditioned to them.

Goddammit I hate every, ******* one of you.

[Insert air conditioner pun here claiming my disgust for bad puns.]

Sinistra_Blue 12

In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Everybody, chill."

You're a cold-hearted douche, 47.

Almost gives me a chill

flockz 19

sounds like Athleticism just needed to vent a little.

@91 he's to cool for that

47 You need to chillout.

He ovaireacted a little.

These puns all blow.

I bet that left OP a bit hot under the collar.

I hate puns, they always make me heated

meggieeee92 15

I would leave it on too! They usually make you sit there while they talk to you about what you did right and wrong. It's gotta be hot! And that's stupid that they can fail you for that. I would find some way to fight that.

Some people are OCD to a whole new level (Level asshole)

They can just say you ran a stop sign. (Automatic fail for running them.)

If the engine is off you don't get A/C only fan

Not sure how you could be failed from that. Sorry OP, try and fight it

That's sounds like a personal attack! I would fight that one.

What a dick, seems like he was just looking for a reason to fail you.

olpally 32

Wow, that's extremely harsh.. What a dick. Damn. Get a new instructor next time. Holy shit.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

It appears the instructor was trying to keep himself from burning.