By WOW - / Saturday 13 July 2013 20:40 / Kenya
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  OverFlash  |  15

48, then the instructor would have failed OP, and probably have a legitimate reason with the creation of an unsafe driving environment

OP, is there some kind of appeal you can make? If not, make a complaint, even if to prevent him from failing others for stupid reasons like that

  Metallica36176  |  16

Yeah some people just want to assholes. They dont realize that you don't drive all the time and that its a new thing. My first drivers test, I was failed for pulling out of a parking spot wrong. I went to a different DMV and passed because they understood that you're nervous. I would file a complaint and fight it. Thats a big step in everyone's life and they're trying to keep you from it.

  lennelleong  |  31

If the engine's switched off during parking, then you would have to switch-on the air-con again to have air-con. In which case, the battery will run flat and the car won't start the next day, presuming OP doesn't discover it earlier.

  horneyhic  |  15

85 what? How would A/C make u car any different to start as a mechanic I can personally say that AC uses engine power not battery power and only uses a small amount of battery power to engage the clutch on the compressor something which it will not do unless the engine is running

  lennelleong  |  31

I guess i shouldn't trust my mechanic then. Because he told me to switch off my air-con before i switch off my engine, so that i will not have problems starting my automatic car the next morning. Frankly, you mechanics!

  Athleticism  |  11

Goddammit I hate every, fucking one of you.

By  meggieeee92  |  15

I would leave it on too! They usually make you sit there while they talk to you about what you did right and wrong. It's gotta be hot! And that's stupid that they can fail you for that. I would find some way to fight that.

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