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Today, my ten-year-old sister had to write out my job application because no one can read my terrible handwriting. FML
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zingline89 18

Well I'm not sure your perfectly legible application filled out in crayon will do you much better.

25 - That is true for some people but it's certainly not true of ALL messy writers OR smart people.


zingline89 18

Well I'm not sure your perfectly legible application filled out in crayon will do you much better.

plum_lovin 28

Why don't you just type it on a computer? I mean even if you have to go to a local library to do that. Printing out your information on applications always looks good and professional.

iLike2Teabag 27

I think the job application is the forms that they give you and you have to fill out. By hand.

SnuWolf 15

I hope you people know that having messier handwriting means that you are a smarter individual and can think faster than those with neater handwriting. Thinking faster results in reacting faster and thus; faster, messier handwriting.

18 - Copy out on word, scan it in and edit, ask employers for a digital file..

25 - That is true for some people but it's certainly not true of ALL messy writers OR smart people.

#12 Some job applications require hand-written applications so that they can get an idea on how good your hand-writing is. It's mostly required for jobs that involve a lot of handwriting.

45 - I meant those options are available if you really have to. I think when possible you should just practice until you can do it well, however, some people do have conditions that get in the way. So if it's a job that requires handwriting then fair enough, no computers, but if it requires minimal handwriting and you had such a condition, THEN you should use one of those methods and explain to the employer.

Just because we have computers is no justification for poor literacy!! it's a basic skill! Maybe you don't need to know how to cook an egg because you can go to IHOP? Or how to add because you've got a calculator? This makes me sad. OP - FYL indeed, F anyone's L who can't write decently by hand and F the education system that lets so many kids down

NagainaFier 16

Well I'll just go curl up and cry now; on the other hand, if they take the time and effort to go through med school, OP has a promising future as a doctor?

RedPillSucks 31

They don't even teach cursive any more.

#25, you have horrible handwriting, don't you?

monnanon 13

65- some people just cant write well by hand. it has nothing to do with being literate but with motor skills. for some people (like myself) no amount of practise will make a difference. i can however write with both hands, badly.

TheWhiteLotus 5

And at the same time, those smarter individuals would think to write more legibly. OP can at least practice her handwriting, as K-6th grade would have taught you, to begin with.

Phoebe_Buffay 14

actually, my friend in elementaryhad the neatest writing I've ever seen and she maintained a 4.0 gpa all six years

Practice makes perfect. Unless you have Parkinsons.

Great actor of The Mighty *****? Well played sir.

Not a nice joke at all you should say sorry

For all we know OP could have carpal tunnel or shaky hands , due to medication. Sometimes I wish there was a need more info button.

I have shaky hands due to medication as well as always writing to fast for no reason. but after a few years of using lettering block caps in drafting I can fill out forms legibly, I just can't right papers legibly

Being left-handed can make things rough as well. Your hand drags across what you write and if you lift your wrist, it cramps up. I can only use certain pens because of that, and pencils are a no go unless absolutely necessary!

I had amazing hand writing at 10, now it's "ill just use this computer instead"

I think that's because of the fact that your hair doesn't allow you to see what you write..

So he can't see what he writes but he can see what he types, that makes sense

35, I'm thinking how many times has he walked into a door or something haha

Practice! You only deserve it because clearly you take shame in it but seem not to make any honest effort otherwise.

sailorzoe 14

Intelligent people usually have bad handwriting. It's science.

I agree with 43. Have you seen the average Doctor's handwriting? My mother told me that it's usually because most of the time, the person with bad handwriting has so much going on in their head and their hands can't keep up. That's how I was when I was little.

43, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of people who died because of the handwriting of doctors. I've been writing since I was in grade 3-4, that's when they started teaching us. I think i was the only one who kept at it. Now, my handwriting is so cursive, not many people can read it, but every teacher I had since then have always complimented and always a look of surprise on their face. Plus side, no one ever asked to use my notes, only a few hahah

Zimmington 21
Mister_Triangle 21

It's like the typography police are out in full swing, downvoting anyone who suggests that handwriting isn't that important.

Studies show that people with bad handwriting are usually very smart, because since they have so much going on in their head that their hands can't keep up with their thoughts.

Try writing on a hard cover textbook, that always works for me idk why

KittyKillsalot 7

Hey cheer up OP!! Doctors have the worst handwriting!! A sign maybe?

That's because they have to take down notes really fast, a computer science student like me has terrible hand writing because we're too lazy to write.

Either way you make the decisions, knowing whats best for your interviews. Attitude!!