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It found you

Today, a dog came up to me while I was sitting on my porch. I used my belt as a leash to go try to find its owner. After an hour of looking in the rain, I gave up and let it go. Now I'm back in my house and it won't stop pawing and barking at my door. It's 3:00 a.m. FML
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By  mayaklast  |  12

Leaving a dog to roam outside is really dangerous, for the dog and for people who are driving next to your house - -' When you find a dog, the best course of action, after checking they don't belong to one of your neighbors, is to take them to the vet or to the pound to check if they are microshipped (it's free). If they aren't or if you can't take the dog there, you keep the dog inside and call animal control (if you don't know their number, you call your town hall and they will redirect you). They will generally come to take the dog after a few hours and will try to find the owners.
I found a german shepherd two or three years ago and did that. It didn't cost me anything, I just had to keep the dog in my house for a few hours. I called the pound afterwards to make sure the owners had been found and they had. He had just escaped from someone's garden.

By  TomeDr  |  21

I had three cats. Two years ago, a cat showed up in my doorstep, just a few days before a blizzard came through. No chip and I couldn’t pawn him off on anyone. Flyers, Facebook posts, Next Door posts...nothing. No previous owners came forward.

Now I have four cats. 🙄🙂