By Rabite - 15/09/2016 14:48 - Germany - Bonn

Today, I called a cab to get me and my cat home from the vet. After a 40 minute wait and three calls to the taxi company, the operator told me that the driver she sent to my location just confirmed that he already has a woman with my name and a cat in his car. FML
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species4872 19

Were you making this call from the backseat of a cab perhaps?


species4872 19

You're going to the top with this one.

Were you making this call from the backseat of a cab perhaps?

Did you not see the taxi when it arrived at the vets?

Maybe OP doesn't have a phone and stepped back inside to call and someone stole their cab. our Maybe the Cabbie is lying.

Either they are lying and haven't picked anyone up or just by coincidence they have a cat and the same name as you, either way FYL. Lets just hope the vet visit wasn't super important

The visit to the vet already happened. OP was trying to get home from the vet.

If OP only gave her first name and it was something quite common, it doesn't seem that extraordinary that there could have been other women with cats and the same name leaving the vet. Or, another likely scenario: another woman leaves the vet with her cat, she sees a taxi there. She opens the door, driver asks if this is [OP's name], the other woman claims that she is OP, she gets OP's taxi.

I think number 4 meant she hopes the vet visit wasn't super important such as the cat is very sick and needs medication, asap, etc.

OH I see where I messed up, I'm dyslexic so I thought it said for the vet, anyways thanks for not downvoting me to oblivion

I know exactly what happened. you were making this call from the past. or maybe the cab was really a time travel machine. or maybe you and your cat were cloned and sent into a parallel universe inwhich you were late in the past but on time in the future...*Gasp*

Maybe they don't have Uber or Lyft in Germany. I feel your pain, OP. Before my boyfriend and I started using Uber and Lyft, trying to get a cab home from the vet was pretty tricky. Even though she stays in her carrier, more than one cabbie tried to charge us the pet fee.

andrmac 25

Maybe they saw someone walking away from the vet with a cat and thought you started heading and it was someone else and they stole your cab because they are too lazy to call one.