By Anonymous - United States - Missoula
Today, I found out that I was misdiagnosed with ADHD 10 years ago and instead have bipolar disorder. For the last 10 years I have been taking meds that helped me focus on my manic / depressive state. FML
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  alycion  |  38

They share so many similar traits and the doctors go off of what we tell them. I was diagnosed adult adhd with major depressive disorder before the pattern of manias emerged and I got diagnosed bipolar 2. Treatment showed that the manias were more severe and I was then diagnosed bipolar 1 with rapid cycling and mixed episodes.

We know so little about the brain, a correct mi diagnosis can take time and multiple doctors. And the correct patient feedback. The doctors sometimes don’t ask questions that can give clues, and since the behavior is normal to is, we don’t think of bringing it up. This can make getting a correct diagnosis take longer.

By  hellphone_fml  |  37

I know that sucks but the "symptoms" of a lot of mental disorders coincide. I was just diagnosed w BiPolar 1 a few months ago and I feel way better after switching from antidepressants to mood stabalizers. You will feel better

  Yudith  |  20

Ha ha, try following a patient whose very condition makes him/her forget little details like appointments, symptoms and taking his/her meds, ragequit after fifteen minutes of waiting at the doctor's office, lie on the ground trying to muster the energy to call the doctor or get so focused on getting his/her meds at the pharmacy that he/she forgets to tell his/her doctor about that change of phone number. Psychologist's secretaries must be super saiyans.

By  Megan Roy  |  7

Ive have had the same experience and now finally found a amazing dr and found the perfect medication that works

By  123_omg  |  19

Don't feel bad. Ive been on different depression meds for 16 years and NOTHING has worked. 4 days ago, the dr decided to diagnose bipolar 2 and try treatment for that instead.

By  Lottie Grace  |  11

Bipolar is a serious disorder and nobody can understand how serious unless the are bi-polar themselves. I have bi-polar 2, highs are high, lows are rock bottom. If you need help, seek it. Having mental issues is a flaw in chemistry not character. I hope the meds will work better!

By  emh86  |  14

I got misdiagnosed with ADD when I was younger because I wasn’t listening and was getting ratty and couldn’t follow instructions. Turns out I’m actually epileptic and was having absence seizures so the instructions weren’t actually getting through..