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Today, my daughter's bed broke. Trying to see the damage, I lay down on her floor to get a closer look. I saw mountains of condom boxes under there. Now I know why the bed broke. FML
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better to see a mountain of condom boxes rather than a grandchild 9 months down the road.


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I really don't think that her father wants her to be having sex.... But I suppose you're right, at least she's using protection.

^ You don't say? I still don't understand how you didn't hear the bed if they were goin hard enough to break it xD.

14 - agreed!! I mean especially if the bed is old enough to break from sex.

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14- Well if the daughter is old enough to be having sex, I'm sure she is old enough to be left home alone. The father probably wasn't there when it happened.

…I don't think it's her father… the name is maggierose… lol.

My bed is only 5 years old and it's pretty much screwed from sex. It's a decent bed too. :(

Broken lots of beds new and old with sex. And "mountains" of condoms? The way that sounds someone needs to advise against risky behavior as condoms don't prevent herpes (gift that keeps on giving!).

Although I don't see why she stockpiled condom boxes xD. I get 1 or 2, but the rest will expire? Ha

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This is why I took the boxspring out from under my matress. No one hears the "creeking" and I don't have to worry bout it breaking

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She could've used them and threw the trash under the bed

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They are prolly used boxes the daughter just has t thrown them away

72 - Really? Why? I thought STDs and unwanted pregnancies were good things...

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55 is your mom OP? Your name goes and so does your comment

Condoms usually last two or three years before the expiration date. I know this because my girlfriend and I buy 36 packs. They're cheaper in Plus, since my girlfriend and I live together, one box only lasts about a month anyway. So, assuming OP's daughter is about the same, that stockpile of hers probably doesn't last very long.

OPs daughter also could be in a relationship, and interested in doing it a lot. Mountains could also be a gross overexaggeration from OPs surprise of even finding these.

I thought the same thing when I read this fml

@55 OK if I am being slow here forgive me but I thought the whole point of condoms is to stop things like herpes? though I would seriously question my knowledge of sex stuff. I've been celibate for ten years.

Herpes in the form of blisters can exist in many places, and there are two main strains (1&2) and popping blisters = millions of viruses released. If the blister is on the base and the condom covers the shaft, what good is a condom? The genital mucosa is easier for viruses to penetrate than regular skin (Micro-tears during activities). And condoms don't prevent oral Herpes or HPV. I can go on and on (as I already have).

an actual response to a question,how rare! thank you

47 your account says you're 16 its not a good thing if your bed is breaking from all your sex

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You'd be surprised at the age some girls are having sex...

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I'm assuming that the boxes under the bed are already empty lol and I think condoms have like a year shelf life

157, just girls? How chauvinistic of you.

>Implying 16 years of age is too young for sex. Especially as her profile also specifies that she's from the UK, where the age of consent is 16.

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Well I was saying it in reference to OPs daughter...

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>218 I don't understand how me saying that one would be surprised at the age some girls are having sex makes me a chauvinist. I understand that guys have sex at the same ages as girls, but my comment was in reference to OP's daughter, as said before. It's not like I'm going around preaching male superiority. You like to exaggerate your vocabulary, don't you?

19 - Here where I live, it's legal to have sex starting at the age of 12 (With 12-13 year olds) max 1 year difference until 18.. So....

This has **** written all over it because she is probably single.

It's a totally normal age to have sex...

If I was the dad I'd probably start crackin skulls.

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14- Her parents might not have been home.

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Atleast she is using condoms.

At least you know why the bed broke. It was getting pounded to much!

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Quagmire has struck!!!! Giggity giggity goo!!!! Oh wait... He doesn't use condoms... Lol, be glad she does op!!!

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Oh yes, those condoms will be so useful against a genital warts outbreak... Wait... No, they won't actually. Sorry OP's daughter ;D

So that's your advice to girls: "never have sex under any circumstances"? Sounds like a recipe for a bleak life.

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Jump to conclusions much? I was simply putting a sarcastic spin to OPs statement about there being "mountains of condom boxes." Hopefully OP's daughter is using the latex mountain on one partner, but if that's not the case, then yeah, herpes is a very real possibility. Hell, even with one partner it's a real possibility. And I wont even get into how disrespectful it is for her to be having sex in her parents' house. God forbid that condom has a hole in it or breaks. Then it might be OPs daughter posting an FML.

Never have sex - you'll get pregnant and die!

Yes, there is a slight risk when having sex, even when having safe sex. I don't know why you worry about that so much - but yes obviously the only way to be safe from sexually transmitted diseases is if you never have sex. Hence my question whether that's your advice. Condoms are about 98% safe - meaning if you have regularly sex for one year while using condoms, you are 98% sure that you will not become pregnant. As for having sex in her parent's house: I'd much prefer that my daughter knows she has a safe and private place in my house, then that she "shows me respect" by going to some seedy motel.

I don't find it disrespectful to have sex in the parent's house. Parents do have sex when children are home. Not much difference there? And plus would you not want to loose your virginity in the comfort of your own home rather than outside like dogs? How about the backseat of a car? Just for those reasons I see no problem with sex in your parent's house (if you live there) long as they are not disturbed while you are doing it.

raraisbang 12

I guess coming from a small town has altered my views of reality. It is totally acceptable to **** in your parents' house, right? Please take note of the "your parents' house." they are adults, most likely married, and own the house in question. Most parents do not think that their daughter having sex in their house is okay, and in my opinion underage sex is too rampant these days anyways seeing as if she's living in her mother's house it is unlikely she can provide for an infant herself when that 2% decides it wants to dominate.

Let's hope she is using them. I know people who buy them for show.

^ Lol, your picture matches your comment.

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You guys are amazing at stating the ******* obvious.

It doesn't suck, it's awesome, she's getting laid AND being safe about it!

If it sucked she wouldn't really need the condoms now would she

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Behold! Thou art "Forever Alone" for lack of original material!

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Lol don't worry 53. I'm here. :)

Yeah 53 you wouldn't be alone for long if I was single but... I doubt you have a hard time finding someone to warm your bed. Back on track we put our condom boxes in a drawer, didn't take long to fill it even when we opened the sides and flattened them.

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I'm curious to if they were flavored ..

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Thundercat Thundercat HOEEEEEEEEE

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You, sir, just made my ******* night with your comment. Thank you. :P

This has to be in the top 5 'Most Epic Comments Ever' list.

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I'm sill laughing my ass off LOL

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better to see a mountain of condom boxes rather than a grandchild 9 months down the road.

That's one hell of a road if it's 9 months! But seriously, you make a pretty valid point

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Exactly, if she's 12, the grandchild is a far more agreeable alternative.

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I thought the commenter meant "daddy was ******* the daughter", not that OP was the father.

sinking_fish 12 the hell did you come to that conclusion??

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No. But I'd be pissed if I came home and see my dad or my mom under my bed. And embarrassed as well. Or did I get this all wrong?

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I understand you would be upset, but OP isn't really violating privacy if they were just looking to see how the bed broke.

You got it wrong... her Dad had a perfectly legit reason for looking under the bed. Who the hell hides shit under their bed above the age of 12 anyways?

It's not that OP's daughter was hiding things under the bed. Lots of people do, but its the fact of WHAT was being hidden under the bed.

PresAgent 23

#11 - As the child, do you pay the mortgage or any other household bills? It is not, and will not, be your house. Privacy is a luxury, not a necessity. If you do things your parents don't approve of, don't expect a lick of privacy.

It's the fact that her bed broke and I'm sure she knew had condom boxes under there... She seriously couldn't throw them away as soon as it broke?

Who the hell will know that the daughter hid condoms under bed ?! :/

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I'm assuming that the only reason the parent even knows that the bed is broke is because the daughter told them it was broken.

I don't know why you guys are saying dad when OP's username is maggierose.

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32 - I'll give 11's response in advance... "But I'm a person!!! It's not fair for parents to snoop around!!! Mom and Dad are like totally unfair!!! I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!! *pout pout pout*

violetsweety 26

I assumed it was a dad too, because dads are usually the ones who fix things..

Oops on the Dad part, I saw 9 comment "daddy's little girl" and went from there.

I don't know about you, but i actually wouldn't considder going under my bed as invading my privacy

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Well we know stupid people aren't supposed to have sex, so I'm guessing your a virgin, or you hut your head pretty hard on the headboard

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Good thinking mom sounding like every other ass of a parent

I'm not even gonna dignify this with a response...

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Well likely she mentioned her bed was broken and that was how her parent knew, and it would be natural for a parent who would likely be the one buying a new one to look at it and see if it's fixable first. So it's the kids own fault for not moving the boxes before mentioning that her bed broke. I'm all for privacy, but this isn't an invasion of it. She had to know that the bed would be looked under or moved before long considering it was broken and she should have know it would need to be fixed or replaced.

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Yes, you defintely got this wrong.

Yeah, you've got it wrong. You're under the impression that OP doesn't have the right to go into a room of her own house. Parents should absolutely give their children a certain degree of privacy but not being allowed to look under the bed is beyond scope. Don't listen in on phone calls and don't read journals. Other than that, it's fair game.

Your an idiot. She probably knew that he was going to help fix the bed and forgot to move the box or just didn't think about it. Or maybe she didn't know but still, a dad helping fix a bed is not an invasion of privacy.

Sorry I believe that the daughter should have removed the evidence when the bed broke. The thought " hey my bed just broke. I bet mom/ dad are goin to look at it to do it. Oh and yeah I should get rid of the boxes of condoms from under my bed."

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Ummm u hav to fix a bed from underneath idiot

Agree, the bed was broke. What more is it one need to know? Damn, what's with parents and their kids sexlife these days?

20- You obviously got this WHOLE situation wrong. You're taking it wayyy out of proportion. May I recommend 2nd grade reading comprehension?

Get a life fathers should be like prison guards mandatory cell inspections 2 times a week

If some chick is screwing in their parents house, you expect their parents to give them more privacy? I can't get away with 5 minutes and a **** at my house...

I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

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I would love to see you try to fix a broken bed without seeing the underside of it.

cheetahbaby96 8

I would love to see you try to fix a broken bed without seeing the underside of it.

derrek87 6

As long as my kids live in my house I can look under there bed any time I want sounds to me like your a kid

That's one of the joys parents have. You would have drunk and high children if you, god forbid, procreated.

Opheliac73 8

What? I think that raising a child generally allows you the right to enter said persons room, particularly to assist them (and their furniture). That's not a unthinkable act of invading privacy - it's a favour. If the condoms were regarded as something of immense privacy then I would imagine that OP's daughter would have thought to have hidden them a little better. I don't see where OP can be faulted with the evidence given.

Vociferouslife 4

Wow "roxxxayy," I'll save the personal attacks but will say that your comment is more disturbing than the OP's actual FML. The irony to me is that your conment is a true reflection of parenting in America. We don't even know how old she is. Let's assume she's 14. She shouldnt necessarily be having sex that young, but if she doez, her parents have full clout (excluding diaries and such). Now let's assume she's 17-18. Maybe it's time to move out...

Kids having sex is the reason the world is ****** up, these damn kids think they're adults and having babies at 14/15

bizarre_ftw 21

32 for mental health privacy actually IS a necessity

bizarre_ftw 21

170 - I can hide anything I like in my room, I'm a virgin, I only drink on special occasions or when I'm in a country where it's legal, and my mother does more drugs than me (aka she smokes) I do well in school and I actually have common sense (something not so common anymore) Privacy isn't the issue, it's actually a route to a solution, to be honest the issue is suppression - tell your kids about drugs, don't be too lenient, teach them what's important, but don't shelter them it's like letting a gallon of juice ferment in your car, if it's took closed off it will eventually explode and things won't be pretty, give kids lenience and teach them how to not be idiots and the world will be a better place 183 - I refer you to the above comment, mostly then end, however if you don't agree read the whole thing, if you still don't agree and have kids 1) those poor children 2) just see how that works out

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#187 - Not for a child. I'm sick of seeing kids with an unjust sense of entitlement. Once again, it is not your house, privacy is not guaranteed. Of course your parents have the right to search your room, it IS their house after all. Those that preach otherwise, generally have something to hide. Golly, young whippersnappers these days... Get off my lawn!

PresAgent 23

This is an add-on to my previous comment. The main issue is, children have no clue what kind of responsibility or maturity it takes to own/rent your own home. If you think it's easy, get a job and your own place, and you can have all the privacy you want. It's one thing to watch your parents leave for work; it's another thing entirely to maintain your own job, household, and family.

bizarre_ftw 21

To generalise mental capacity based on age is nearly as bad as generalizing mental capacity based on sex (note I said "nearly" as I realise a person when a child is less intelligent than that same person as an adult, on average. However an entire age group does not possess the same IQ, nor will they make the same decisions or mistakes, and a bit of privacy goes a long way)

PresAgent 23

#203 - You completely missed the point, but thanks for playing.

TheDrifter 23

203, a BIT of privacy? If she has been having enough sex in her parent's house to collect a mound of empty condom boxes, she has been given more than a bit of privacy. In fact, I'd say she's been abusing the privelege.

Privacy is not a luxury but a basic right that applys for everyone.

170, are you the OP's sister? I never said anything in my post about being a virgin. Idk wtf is up with your juice reference. If you want the world to be a better place then learn to comprehend what someone else said before replying. You tried to make some sort of profound reply but failed miserably.

It is her bed, the op can do what she wants! SHE IS THE MOM!

Parents don't have to ask their kids permission in their own house. Wtf are you talking about? You sound like a damn fool. His child shouldn't be screwing boys in the house. Little ****.

Please don't help your kids with their English homework.

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Maybe she hit her head on the headboard to many times and now has the memory of a fish and forgot to remove boxes? O_o"

81: id be pretty mad if my mum looked under my bed, but that's because I stash her presents there (Christmas, birthday etc) and it would ruin the surprise. Other than that it's just boxes of stuff in storage.

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You're an idiot. She lives under her parents roof, they have every right to do as they wish

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could be worse...that's my motto.

bizarre_ftw 21

(another repetitive common that adds nothing to the discussion)

mhopper 13

I like Common. He's a great rapper!!!

The awkward moment when you find out why a bed was broken

That awkward moment when your comment is a piece of shit.