By cheesfactor - 19/05/2012 19:50 - Bulgaria - Rousse

Today, my wardrobe door jammed, and I couldn't change out into some nice clothes for my date. On the way there, my car broke down. Not wanting to be late and make a bad impression, I scuttled the rest of the way, only to find I'd been stood up. FML
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CaramelMacchiato 13

Watch out guys. We've got a badass over here.


Very observant of you. Actually, I was under the impression that not being able to make a date and not bothering to inform your date of this was the mark of a gentleman.

Oh, most definitely. I never claimed I wasn't, after all.

porcupineattack1 5
Zimmington 21

sounds to me like life gave you two chances to not go either...

starman02 12

Agreed #31! I was just going to type that but ya beat me to it!

Also, it never says she was going on a date with a guy, it could've been another girl.

awh that sucks... you obviously deserve better

Let's look at it this way... You didn't waste time getting dressed and got an amazing calf burn walkin downtown. Once you reached your resturant you were graced by your own pressence. That night you slept a nice heavy sleep. Badabum

Hate when that happens, which is never. Sucks for you.

CaramelMacchiato 13

Watch out guys. We've got a badass over here.

3 - I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often, you seem rude. :/

Lucky you! Do you feel so proud that you never get stood while OP does? Way to bring people down.

Wow I hate when I realize I have no friends like you. Oh wait that's never! Way to be a nice guy

Way to be a raging self absorbed ****...

42 - Nice guys finish last though...

beastroish 0

Hahahahaha that's funny and true

Or you could've called and told him when you were on your way...would've saved you time + energy.

And that would clear everything. Then & there. Before she had to go through all this

Yes, some nice imagery huh. Helps you empathize lol

I just picture her rushing down the sidewalk crouched down, hands in the air, and scooting sideways like Dr. Zoidberg.

mrphychrs 5

Eh, you'd probably have made a bad impression anyway, being sweaty from the scuttling, and in dirty clothes no less.

I fail to see what wasn't optimistic about my comment.

What makes you think OP was dirty? Not all of us are prissy princesses who can't walk a mile without getting dirty.

I didn't say she was dirty. I said she was wearing dirty clothes, due to the fact that she couldn't change.

29, that makes no sense. Wouldn't a prissy princess be less likely to get dirty walking a mile? A prissy princess wouldn't be crawling there, playing in the mud and such.

You probably just had a week's worth of bad luck in one day, OP. Think of it this way. Karma will ensure tomorrow will be much better. Be sure to do something unpleasant to that horrible guy who stood you up.

Man, you had a bad day, I feel sorry for you :( But hey, sounds like it was better than my day.

thiscrazything 1

Yeah, it's called the crappy day app. It's automatically installed in your phone. When you're already having a bad day, it locks up your phone, and that helps make all the other problems of your day seem insignificant.

That is a day that just sucked arse! I hate days like that; at least you should have used up all your bad juju and be ready for some good stuff!