By megean c.l. - United States
Today, my dad was making drinks for my mom and himself, so I asked him to make me some coffee too. When he brought me my drink, I took a sip, and realized he'd poured salt in it. As I gagged, he muttered, "Next time, make it yourself." FML
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  RaggleFrock  |  13

It's not as straightforward process picking a nursing home as you would think. Go with the first one that says yes... They are normally the most desperate for money.

  skoob1  |  12

Mine prefer, "Lu-gi-seph-skoob, go insert command here, and while you're at it, grab me a(n) insert alcoholic beverage here" anyone with a sibling gets the whole name splicing thing.

Btw if you put things between carrots like HTML commands, they disappear.


I figured it out, he is saying that the parent would start saying one name, then another, before finally getting the right person. Then ask them to do something and ask them to get an alcoholic beverage while they are at it. For example, "Luc... Gor... JAKE, would you feed the dog and grab me a beer while you're at it?" Hope that clears it up.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

well when the consequences are a mouthful of salty coffee, I don't think the parents trolling is out of hand. whe. it draws blood, then it goes past being a troll and enters a dofferent catagory.