By NaCl - United States - Duluth
Today, my mother-in-law came over for dinner. She decided to salt the food I was preparing without even tasting it first, then complained at dinner that I'd used too much salt. She then lectured me on the proper seasoning of food for the rest of the evening. FML
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Pour salt in her wine and then ask her why the hell she'd be so stupid as to add salt to her wine.

When she says she didn't salt the wine, you did, reply that you didn't oversalt the food, she did.

Then kill her in front of the rest of her family cause they're probably just as sick of her as you are.

By  ItsMissLia  |  19

Sorry OP.. Mother in Laws can be a handful. Maybe talk to your husband about it? She may not listen to you but maybe her own son.. That was a b*tch move on her part & that behavior needs to be corrected