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Today, my future father-in-law, a respectable New England gentleman, bought me an $8,000 viola and bow for our engagement. I was so surprised that I spit a glass of wine from a 60 year old bottle all over his custom-tailored suit. He was not happy. FML
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Wow, I can't believe all the bitchy, whiny people. So what if his fiancee's family seems loaded? That seems to be the point. He's trying to fit in and he made a huge social gaffe. I get the feeling he's a bit overwhelmed and awed by the sudden shift in social status (hence, mentioning the money) and now he's completely embarrassed. Your snide comments only show your envy and pettiness, methinks. OP, that blows. I've had similar issues. My best friend's family is way above mine in social standing; we're 5 generations blue collar and his family errs on the white collar side. I've done some things I didn't realize were rude and he had to correct me later. Luckily, his mom and stepdad are understanding. People seem to forget the relativity of FMLs. This is an FML for him, even if others believe it's only his whining. He was surprised and acted reflexively. It's not like he intentionally did something stupid.


**** u for being rich oh 60yr old wine custom suit 8 grand **** YOU Obama obama

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honestly. surely you couldve avoided spitting the ******* wine all over him. thats childish as hell

I was thinking the exact same thing

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I spit when I'm surprised too. dude, I'm like a fountain of high powered drool. of course, I don't have to tell you that if you attended the infamous Straywood Haunted House of 1997. in that case, I apologize for my behavior. and while I am ashamed, I do wish you would have returned the favor. I looked ridiculous swapping spit with myself. and the robot monkey. I'm lonely. :(

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11- What's your problem? Maybe some people get out there and try to make something of themselves instead of sitting around bitching about the world.

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More like FHL, he spent that much money on you to get spit on. Still, he'll probably get over it since you're marrying his son. At least you'll have a funny story to look back on. :) Oh and congrats on your engagement! 

he sounds like a rich bastard anyway. he can afford another suit.

28 did u even read my comment I joking dude I chant Obama at the end

umm 36, op is a guy so I assume he is marrying this guys daughter.. not son... the FML doesn't explain it well...

Haha 39 because Obama is a joke I get it.

62. well just look at you. If I looked like that I wouldn't hit on girls either. LOL just kidding. Understand where you are coming from.

#1 's picture is a picture of a Japanese actress.

Haha a bright future ahead if you with the in-laws. Don't make it a habit. Every time your new loaded sugar daddy buys you something epic, don't spit alcohol on his expensive clothes. KAY?

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I would do the same .. u can only understand his excitement I'd u knew how much violas or any instrument cost.... bying him an 8,000 dollar viola and bow would be like buying me a 35,000 dollar piano

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You mean "marrying his daughter"? OP is a man.

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Agreed, 13. And 34, your lips look rather dry. Might I suggest you invest in some chapstick?

fail! this FML made me laugh. OP is a goddiggerrr!

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so fyl that you're rich?...


Clare there's no such thing as a goddigger

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now you got kanye stuck in my head

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this is the most pompous fml. every sentence ooozes the fact that money is involved. ugh!

can't edit on iPhone, but I meant that to both OP and #2

wait, your future FATHER-IN-LAW.... ..... OUR engagement. WTF?!?!?!

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what's a viola? haha guess your not getting one now

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that sucks. o well, atleast your still getting married.

A viola is an instrument similar to a violin. You could've googled it?

it's basically like violin, I may be wrong about this, but it's smaller and higher pitched

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yes, you are wrong. A viola is bigger than a violin, it's lower, and it plays in the alto clef.

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a viola has 3 strings the same as a violin.. wow, if I revieved a $8000 viola, I'd switch from my violin to a viola right now.

To #76-Obviously you don't play either instrument--a viola has FOUR strings, so does a violin. To #98-If you are only 13 and you own a viola worth more than $8K, you are not too bright. Anyone with sense knows not to spend tons of money on a viola at that age because they are not yet fully grown. A viola is measured to the player's arm length. The bigger (within reason), the better. To #99-A viola is NOT a "fiddle". To #42-If something like a viola represents "refinement" and "dignity", maybe you need to listen to some real music once in awhile instead of prefabricated pop. I really don't understand--how to something like a viola represent luxury?? It's a musical instrument, big deal. Many people have a guitar somewhere in their house, whether they're playing it or not. Is that a luxury? Most people spend more than that on their car, even some used cars cost more than $8000.00 To #64-I agree with you! What $8,000 viola would make anyone spit?? If it were me, I'd be more leery of a viola that someone bought me as a gift-unless I'd seen it before and tried it out and KNEW that that was the one I wanted.

I think that #76 was trying to say that a viola and a violin have three strings in common: G, D, and A.

139 is correct. 130 you need to chill out, and that's coming from a person that takes great pleasure in arguing on FML.

jaisus christ 130, would ya ever shut da *** up.

130, chill, and the rest of you guys, let's all just agree to let this chick figure out what a viola is on google since it looks like none of us can define it perfectly and stop fighting about it. Awesome. Bye

It's like a violin but a lower sound like a bass to a cello a viola is like the bass to the violin

Correct on the first part about four string but just a fun fact there are five string violas and violins

splinteredApple 36

To clear it all up, a Viola has 4 strings just like a Violin. However, a Viola is a perfect 5th lower than a Violin and is usually bigger. It also plays on both Alto and Treble clef, as opposed to the Violin only playing on the Treble clef.

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I was not aware that this kind of thing happened in real life.

Who get's so excited that they spit everywhere?

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Someone with a fetish for Violas?

It just means she doesn't swallow. Father-in-law will commiserate with his son later.

Someone who has been drinking wine all night and is then presented an $8,000 gift.

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Ayeeeeee you know hope he forgives that's an awfully great thing of him todo but as you know da fonz ain't really much into music

Do you know anything about the Fonz?! And no, what you've seen on Family Guy doesn't count.

r u ******* crazy u can't talk to the fonz like that apologize right now and get me and the fonz a beer

Of COURSE the Fonz is into music! All he has to do is hit the damn jukebox and he's ready to do The Twist! Watch the show, douchewagon!