By LimpMcgee - United States
Today, I went to go use an automatic cart in Walmart because I broke my hip in January. They were all being used by morbidly obese people throughout the store. I asked a manager if she could get me one, but apparently their weight issues are more impeding than my broken hip. FML
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By  boysinabooth  |  4

That's happened to me before. Right after I got out of the hospital from surgery I had to wait after some fat ass who needed a motorized cart. People like that seriously don't give a shit. They looked at me and saw that I was probably more able to walk because I didn't have 300lbs hanging over my body.

By  sylphy  |  0

I hate fat people.

And then they'll tell you it's not their fault tgat they're fat. Right, just like it's not your fault you're an asshole. I feel for you OP.

By  boysinabooth  |  4

That's happened to me before. Right after I got out of the hospital from surgery I had to wait after some fat ass who needed a motorized cart. People like that seriously don't give a shit. They looked at me and saw that I was probably more able to walk because I didn't have 300lbs hanging over my body.

  krazy_glu3  |  0

yeah cause their knee gave in from all their weight... it's not that hard to skip the McDonalds meals. they can do somethig about their weight. if they 'cant' work out they can't at least watch what they eat -.-

  iSitt  |  0

for fatties, the worst thing they can do is use a motorized seat. not exercising makes their legs weaker and themselves fatter. If they can't afford a gym they should goto a mall and walk laps.

  BlargHonk  |  0

300 pounds isn't really all that big. I'm 6 feet, 2 inches and about 300 pounds. While a little on the larger side, I'm not the kind of guy that has a huge gut and never exercises.

  Jujuto1  |  0

59, it all depends on gender, height, and age. If a male is 6 ft 4 and is 250 pounds, it is healthy. But if a female who is 5 ft 4 and is 250 pounds, we have a problem. So where you are 300 pounds and can still be healthy, another can be 300 pounds and be incredibly obese.


It cracks me up when the morbidly obese use the motorized carts.
Hasn't anyone seen Wall-E?! It's already begun!

When I worked at Target, I would ask people why they were using the cart.
Some of my managers hated it and said I was rude, but I didn't really care.
I had a torn Achilles when I was younger and had to wait for a cart because of those damn fat asses.
In my opinion, taking from someone who is disabled is more rude than calling someone out on being lazy.
Initially, that's what they're doing. They're taking from the disabled.
It's like parking in the handicapped spot.
People these days have no damn respect.

  boysinabooth  |  4

59, yeah I meant for a chick my height. I'm only 5'3 so, 300 pounds hanging over my body would look bad, whereas for you, you probably look like a normal weight with 300 pounds. Wish I had some of your height! It sucks being short!

  kaylaraeh  |  0

Like stated previously, there are disabled fatties. I understand that there are fatties that use it for there own use, but some are actually disabled, so don't assume.

  ShadowRaptor  |  9

Actually, America is no longer the fattest country in the world. It's actually...wait for it...Mexico.

Don't worry, we're still right up there with the Big Leagues (pun intended even if it doesn't work)

  BlargHonk  |  0

Bitchy, much? You do realize that that there are people who are genuinely not at fault for being overweight, right? There are officially-recognized conditions where a person's metabolism is so slow that the person can essentially never lose weight. It affects about 10% of the population.

  TKello  |  6

I hope you don't hate all fat people. That would be discrimination because we're fat, there are those of us who recognize our weight is because of lack of self control (not to mention probably some serious cases of depression) and who are working to improve that.

I am morbidly obese and as long as I can waddle on my legs I will never use those blasted electric carts, I believe that people who are hurt deserve them, not people of my weight who are just too damn lazy to walk.

And frankly the fat people that DO TELL you that, is because they're so ashamed of themselves that they try to put their problems onto something else so it doesn't effect them, they're just the victim.

Seriously hating on us is ridiculous, if anything you should feel towards is pity, because society doesn't find us attractive and we're eating ourselves to death. Hatred? No. That's too extreme.

  marriiee_fml  |  0

agreed^ im not fat myself but my mom is. why? cause she grew up in a household where they eat sweets on a regular. thus slow metabolism and now i seriously see her eating one egg for every meal and excercise and its almost impossible for her to lose weight. its funny how people are so quick to judge someone cause their weight. you dont know their story

  Frenchtony  |  17

You people are dumb it's not people's fault when their fat it's only about matabolism, and the american way to eat doesn't help much too.
I mean in France I saw like one guy "driving" around in one of these carts, in my whole life. While in the US I saw it quite often. it's starting to look like the humanity in the movie Wally... I mean what a gruesome vision, just eat healthier and a bit less big portions !

  afdude87  |  6

it's possible to speed metabolism up. and self control? easy. just put the spoon down dammit, nothing is forcing you to pick it up. 6 small meals a day vs maybe two big ones will speed up metabolism. read, don just give excuses.

  insanesna1l  |  0

agreed with 77. it's to do with what you eat and how much. guys will also lose weight faster. I am sure we have all watched the biggest loser at some stage? anyone can lose weight!

  sugarcoated  |  1

#77, I just wanted to say that statement you made about eating two big meals a day speeding up metabolism is totally wrong. You speed up you metabolism by eating more frequently but in very small amounts. Ever heard the phrase 'little and often'?

Eating small amounts means your metabolism can keep up, and eating regularly means it will work more often, instead of only at the start of the meal.

Look at any DVD extras where an actor explains how they lost an incredible amount of weight for their films really fast, or ones they had to put on a lot of muscle. Some of them have to eat as often as every twenty minutes.

A great diet, if you could stick to it, would be six meals a day, but only very small portions of healthy, protein rich foods, vegetables and fruit. Cutting out red meats and heavy carbs. A plate the size of a saucer (which you have with a tea/coffee mug, yes, I'm British) would help too, as the plate being smaller makes the food look like more and makes you feel full faster.

Said by someone who halved their weight at one point with this. =)

But, OP, I totally agree with you. I worked at a supermarket and we had the same situation all the time. If those larger people walked around and used their legs more, they would feel strong enough to walk. =( I'm sure that in future, if you called ahead, you could reserve one so that there would definitely be one for you to use when you got there. It's what we did at my old job.

  cradle6  |  13

Get on the paleo diet. Cut out all sugar and simple carbs, and eat only foods with a low glycemic index. Also you must must must exercise. weight training and cardio. You don't have time? Make time, wake up earlier, use your lunch break. Don't make excuses.


It's true.
If someone is "fat" it's really their own fault.
So eating a little less isn't working for you? Try exercise!
You don't just try one thing and start to say "oh it must not be my fault, I'm just fat."

Eat right and exercise for 30-60 minutes at least 3 times a week.

Sometimes, someone may have a condition, yes. For example...a thyroid problem. You know what...if they'd just go to the damn doctor and get checked out, they could probably solve that problem.

My metabolism started slowing down when I was 14. I played soccer, volleyball, and I dance. That means that no matter what time of year it was, I was getting 1-2 hours of exercise a day, but I started gaining weight like crazy. By the time I had my sweet 16 I was 5'2" and 160lbs.
Also, people don't just get fat overnight. They began gaining weight, and just didn't do anything about it.
It's their own fault.

  EatnBeef  |  7

I'm in Oklahoma, 2nd fattest state in the us. I hear it all the time. "it's not my fault I'm fat" yes the fuck it is..!!!! get your fucking lazy ass of the couch and get some fucking exercise. it's not about metabolism... eat right and stay active.

By  j_agony  |  0

by that they meant, the over weight ppl are going to spend more money in their food section that you will in their entire store... so.. tough luck.

fucked up though.

  DVecc  |  0

no it's not, if that's true then all Brits are fucking pussys with fucked up teeth who sit around drinking tea all the time.

Most of the fat and lazy people in America are the ones in the redneck states -.- in any state that's well educated and richer then the others everyones skinny as he'll trying to look like a model.

And even of most of is are fat, it's usually more the older people because as I said above MTV makes every teenager want to look like the asshats on the Jersey shore which means I see obesity rates dropping.

And if you fucking idiots of a parent would stop letting your little fat ass eat so much maybe we wouldn't have child obesity problems, take that extra food your saving and give it to someone who needs it

(sorry this didn't exactly pertain to you, besides the first part, but fat people piss me off it's disgusting -.-)


Actually, Mississippi is the fattest state, 30% of the population is obese. Texas is right up there, though. Most of the Southern States are full of fat people. :/ Not everyone is fat, but the obesity rate is relatively high.

Fat people just need to exercise. I know some of them have legitimate problems that makes losing weight really difficult, but most people can do it with a little willpower.


She said uptown, not downtown.

Also, the only reason there's a problem in the south is because of the way they eat. Traditional Southern foot is full of grease and butter.
Paula Dean, anyone?

Also...the girls on Jersey Shore are not super skinny.

  LtChicken  |  0

I went to germany recently and saw FAR fewer fatties over there. and not one morbidly obese person, most I saw was chubby.

I think it's the quality/availability of fast food in America. over here it's shittie and cheap and over there it's better for you and expensive.

the overall serving size is much much smaller as well. other countries just eat less. simple as that.


All of you are forgetting one very important fact.
No matter what country you live in, you are not forced to eat anything.
You have a choice to eat fast food or not and you are in complete control of the size portion you consume.

  krazy_glu3  |  0

uptown is the best. I'm from Tx and not obese.

Tx isnt the fattest state... so before stating a 'fact', why don't you check it.

and yes the real point here is that we need to stop letting fat people eat fast food..

  Djosef_fml  |  0

Still, how about banning kids brainwashing on TV advertisement? It would help alot if kids were not brainwashed to KFC and McDonalds ads. Or any ads. And if fast food was not avaliable in schools ffs. And if physical education was not looked down upon and perhaps adding a class or two in the week.

Society's problem won't be fixed by sitting on our collective asses expecting the situation to change on it's own with nothing but words.

  xNephilim  |  18

189, I don't know where you went, but food in Germany is NOT expensive. Go to "Walmart" over there and you're sure to spend less money than you would here. And I can guarantee that, since I spent the first 17 years of my life in Germany.

  xIINotorious  |  0

#15 do you have any idea how hard it is to lose weight. at a normal rate you lose about 5-10 kg after about two weeks of healthy diet and heaps of exercise then it drops down to about 1kg or so per WEEK. now imagine the physiological stress of trying to get fit and look and feel acceptable by society. and people wonder why there are so many fat people, your just lucky to have a faster metabolism

  Grimmerie  |  31

#65: don't gain the weight in the first place. problem solved.

i dropped 30lbs in about two months. it's really not that hard, people are just lazy and won't exercise or eat right. mcdicks is convenient, but will kill you. running or swimming is repetitive and boring but could save your life. your pick.

  manasstalker  |  7

This is true. There was a show about a man who ate Mc Donalds every day and never became over weight. It was because he only had a double cheese burger and water no fries no soda. Mc donalds is only bad if your not controlling yourself.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

McDonalds isn't horribly bad if you're able/willing to control yourself. However, nutritionally, McDonalds is complete crap. There are a few good things on the menu (salads with grilled!! chicken, yogurt parfait, apple slices...) but most of it is pure processed crap.

  LtChicken  |  0

my brother lost 50 pounds in a few months. most of what he did was change his eating habits and become slightly more active. he counted calories. kept himself at around 1000-1200 calories a day I think and tried to spread them out over the whole day. small meals.

his favorite item was the double cheeseburger because one of them is a simple 380 calories.

never really exercised hard or anything, just limited what he ate. it's inspiring really that he lost so much doing so little.