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Today, I got in an argument with my teacher for always comparing me to my sister that she had a few years before. After I said, "I'm not my sister so please stop comparing me to her," she responded, "Of course you're not your sister, I actually like your sister." FML
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  sweetbliss3  |  37

that's not a burn. it's not even remotely funny. It's ignorant. whether you like the student or not, you keep that to yourself, especially when you're a teacher. Wtf?!

  ZacPalmer  |  12

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Hey just because the student starts being rude does not give the teacher an excuse to be rude as well, especially since the teacher is supposed to be a responsible adult that is going to be a model for some students.

  klaw22  |  7

It's possible the teacher was kidding. I have a teacher who's extremely sarcastic and would make a comment like this and not think twice about it.

  Ltsdragons  |  19

It's rude because you don't just go around comparing people for one. It's not OP's fault that he/she is not his/her sister. The teacher was comparing OP, which had caused OP to confront the teacher about it. Which is the right thing to do. It's no fun to be compared to someone else, it really isn't. It's hurtful, rude, and the teacher's very rude comment "I actually like your sister." Happens to be a bit ruder than "Stop comparing me!" In my opinion

  xnikkilynn  |  11

If you report it the teacher may hold a grudge. There was this teacher that was being rude to me. Unknowingly my dad had called the school to complain. The teacher WAS a bit nicer. But five days before the very last day of school.

After my dad called to complain. My grade dropped from a 68% to a 48%.

I asked why it dropped so much. And be decided to just take away all my 'no marks.'

  syed121417  |  22

I know, so it's so hard to report these things! On one hand, teachers are supposed to be respectful to students and they sometimes forget that, but on the other hand they could fuck you over of you do anything about it.

  Iceberg86300  |  14

Then she'd really be hosed! Teachers are almost as bad as cops, and in some ways worse. Teachers can say nearly anything to you if they don't cross a defined line, but students don't have a line, and almost anything you say can get you suspended, or worse if they don't go that route. You've just guaranteed yourself a bad grade. Talk back to a cop and your resisting arrest, accidentally rear end a cop car with a love tap and you get assault w/dealt weapon. Anyone else and you might get a ticket if the person is an ass, leaves the car blocking traffic, calls the cops, and waits for an ambulance. Usually when the damage doesn't even warrant reporting to the DMV, or even better, just some paint transfer that can buffed out.

Point is some people are just pr!(@k$

By  MegasaurusRex89  |  28

I would have picked up my things and walked right out of that classroom. Also, assuming you're in high school still, I would've gone straight to the principal to let him know of the teacher's behavior. That is completely inappropriate.

  TennessEH  |  13

Unfortunately, some principals don't care. I had a Spanish teacher tell me once I was stupid just because I had previously been homeschooled. I went to the principal and my mom even called to complain. They never did do anything about it.

  chinaski7628  |  32

The first step should be to talk to the teacher one on one. I'm not defending the teacher, because that was a pretty shitty thing to say (as are the above stories) but as a teacher myself, I know how easy it is to say something that didn't seem so bad in my head, but ended up sounding hurtful or mean as soon as I said it. Teachers are people too and we make mistakes. As the adult in the room, I do my best to be a role model and professional, but I've had unfortunate errors in judgement and said things I shouldn't have-- out of frustration, anger, or just a bad joke. I always appreciate when students come to me directly because we can discuss the issue and eliminate miscommunication. Sometimes I'm not even aware there's an issue until a student tells me. If OP doesn't feel comfortable with talking to the teacher, or talking one on one doesn't help, then by all means go to a counselor, dean, or the principal and have parents call in. Either way, the teacher should apologize.

  JayGatsby  |  25

#45, I personally think it is ok to tell the principal because its over a matter of respect in the classroom, and on top of it, its hard to defend yourself without getting in trouble. Also, people should not just buck up, because if people do not get into trouble for their rude behavior, then how will they learn that what they did was wrong?