By oops - 08/08/2011 18:11 - South Africa

Today, my boyfriend opened the car door in a very kind and loving way. What wasn't so kind and loving was that my hand was still half-way when he closed it. FML
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It was just an accident no need to do a crazy disgusting revenge...


That's about the time you turn into she hulk and smash the car on him, or is that just me?

daysgoby902 6

he was trying to do something nice. you're making him sound like an ass.

eminemchick 19

its the thought that counts!:) KILL HIM FOR IT. LET NO ONE ESCAPE UNHARMED.

eminemchick 19

i wouldnt recommend sleeping with chuck norris

-48 it's even better when you're a man though. I'd recommend it.

-51 Doesn't matter when 5 other people join the fun, all part of being a bisexual my dear boy.

He was trying to be nice. Also, shit happens. So in the end it's a FY boyfriends life for having a bitchy girlfriend.

Denikk 0

It seems that this situation *sunglasses* is quite a handful.

and females say chivalry is dead. it's alive but y'all don't know how to act with it. bring your hand in the car!

at least he meant well....that shouldn't kill the nice deed.

I agree with 30,quit bitchin and say "thank you sir,may i have another."

qwacktastick 8

"what wasn't so kind and loving" you made it sound like he did it on purpose. ACCIDENTS happen, get over it.

How does one open the door in a kind and loving way?

How is she bitchy? Her hand got trapped in a car door. Shes not annoyed with her boyfriend, shes annoyed with the fact that her hand really hurts.

daysgoby902 6

the fact that he was doing so was kind and loving. smart ass?

Your hand was half-way where? Down the back of your pants scratching your ass??

Pixxio_O 11

Poo on him when he's sleeping :)

It was just an accident no need to do a crazy disgusting revenge...

Pixxio_O 11

Fine.... Steal his money then :)

Still not fair for a simple mistake he did trying to be nice in the first place...

Pixxio_O 11
Pixxio_O 11

Thank you 28 :) and 27, no one seems to give a shit about your useless comment either :)

Pixxio_O 11

Urm what's a Cleveland steamer..?

Pixxio_O 11

Lol thanks 33, suddenly makes so much more sense ...

But, women don't poo do they? Sorry to foil the plan

Brool story's right, you're not aloud to joke on FML. Your comment is a waste unless it's completely serious.

Pixxio_O 11

Sorry, didn't know you weren't allowed to joke, no need to make a big deal out of it

I never joke. Now go make me a sandwich.

Pixxio_O 11

Stop drinking the hatorade and drink the bubble tea :)

EvilCupcake8361 9

I thought it sounded like a good idea:)

fauxyhaha 0

That's just, uh, frightening

Cleveland steamer is when someone takes a poopoo on your chest when you doing the bang bang

Some people should learn to take a joke(: obviously she wasnt insisting that she should shit on the guys face... Obviously it was an acciedent(:

Your not funny. Hey are u possibly retarded?

She is not an animal. That is just nasty. Plus it was an accident...

After so many thumbs down, you'd think you would have given up.

He was just too excited to be with you. Accidents happen.

loljkgirl 0

Yes. OP wrote this FML from the other side.

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It's the thought that counts

Well thats one more guy who won't be having sex tonight...

Yeah, at least it wasn't his hand that got hurt, then he'd really be in trouble.

Yeah, sex is like poker. No partner? Better have a strong hand :D

omgcookeys 15

It was an accident, calm down! No need to murder someone who's completely innocent?!

omgcookeys 15

Ouch, at least you can still type?