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Today, I refused to let two students into class because they were 15 minutes late. It turns out they were late because they had gone to buy me a birthday cake. FML
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I am the original poster. It was an adult ESOL class. School policy - strictly adhered to - is that students can't be admitted if they are more than 5 minutes late and all students know this. Lateness is disruptive and disrespectful to other students. We all eventually had the cake later anyway!

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that's why u always ask before u act..

That's what my cousin does. She shows up really late but she always has food for the teacher and says she was buying him food. Works like a charm. She is his favorite student.


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or since you wouldn't let them in, they went and bought a cake knowing is your bday

That would have been brilliant of them...

I really hate when teachers do that. like, I have one that slams the door shut and locks it if your 10 seconds late (no exaggeration). sometimes they dont understand what you have to go through to get to class. I have to walk from one end of the school to the other and back, and you don't move very fast because it's so cramped.

thats what you get for being a ******** teacher

who buys their teacher a birthday cake? I mean, really.

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teachers these days...major ass holes

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shitty teacher.. I hope they target your classroom for senior prank or whatever name it is in shovel face land

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sometimes you just gotta let thibgs slide.... go with the flow. take live easy.. i could see if they were consistanly late,but one day, id let it go

Sounds like you would be one of the kids always late for class. Seems very obvious when you look at how you word things. OH FYI. It is life, in this particular instance. Not, live. Maybe you needed all those extra minutes before you arrived late you realize, sometimes you need to look back at the things you type out and EDIT it?

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Geez kritz, maybe you should take thewhiteninja's advice...You sound very bitter.

2, it depends on the class. in my experience with some of my remedial ed. classes, you let one student off "just once," the rest expect the same all the time. for the classes where lack of self-discipline is a huge problem, it's important to set an example. not sure if this was the case with op's class, however. and 8, you're basing your assumptions about 2 on what, exactly?

Someone shit in Kritz corn flakes this morning..

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I wouldn't pay attention to kritz, she always leaves condescending, stuck up messages. Maybe someone should refer her to Docbastard, he is an expert in removing things from people's bottoms, after all. #35, while it's true that you need to set an example, the solution contradicts the wanted result. 1. Problematic students would WANT to be excused from the class, therefore might do it on purpose. If a student considers being kicked out a "punishment", he probably wouldn't be a problematic kid to begin with. 2. You're denying them their education. Is this really the best punishment? I believe a more creative punishment is in order, while keeping them in class. OP, YDI.

#44 has that down to a science. I agree.

Kritz, you really shouldn't criticize anyone else's writing until you have a better grasp on it yourself. While his writing may not have been perfect, it was at least readable on first glance. I had to read yours multiple times to understand your meaning because you can't seem to figure out where a comma goes.

44: For example, make them sit through the class while on fire. Oh, and while wearing a humiliating and silly hat!

#59. Run on sentence, anyone? :) You're missing a few comma's there as well. Take your own damn advice.

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Haha, Kritz. The best thing you came up to say is "run on sentences, anyone" which was a fail because she doesn't have run-on sentences. And you definitely don't have room to talk about someones comment when yours is 10x worse.

Bitch I mean Kritz, 59 didn't have any run ons, you bumblefuckin' retard.

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You have a comma to insert after "late" in that second paragraph. Grammar is all well and done in the classroom, but when people have normal conversations, we let it go. Maybe you should let it go because you obviously suck at it.

Kritz, I really do not understand why the younger people find it necessary to make it known they are grammar queens. My guess is you are horrible in your grade nine English class, and feel that you need convince people otherwise. Too many comas is just as bad as a run on sentence.

Yeah, sorry Kritz. That was a big fail. I had no run on sentences and I wasn't missing any commas. As I've explained in previous comments, I am an English language teacher at the college level. I can assure you that I know how to use a comma.

kritz.. you are by far the biggest biznatch here.. just stop.. its obvious everyone is against you

she didnt have any run ons. fail.jpg anyone?

Actually, she did most definitely have a run on sentence. LOL. OH, miss little angelpig, I am older than you. Please tell me how exactly I'm in ninth grade? I'm sure my postgraduate status, and my hubby would surely say something completely different. LOL. Ninth grade, silly kids. *smh*

Fyi, I love how you all ate that up. Trolls must love you. ;)

Kritz.. Age has absolutely nothing to do with your improper usage of commas. And if by chance you are older then 25, explain to me why your writing sounds like a fourteen year old girl? Besides your picture looks like you are fourteen.

If you're a grammar Nazi, please stop using words like "LOL" and "kthnx". Definitely screams out that you're in grade nine. Post graduate students would know how to use "ha ha" instead of LOL.

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that's why u always ask before u act..

That's what my cousin does. She shows up really late but she always has food for the teacher and says she was buying him food. Works like a charm. She is his favorite student.

that's just a little bit creepy.........

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Never take food from a student.

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29, I agree. There are too many psycho kids out there.

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that's how my school is, if your a senior or junior and you know your gonna be late for class you go off campus and go to like a Wendy's or McDonalds and buy the teacher a ice cream or something, you also get a free 100.

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When you got food you're gonna be the favorite

I think I found my new way to avoid detention.

Sucks to be you! I'd keep the cake if I were them!

Like Gladdos would, there really was cake you know.

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That's what you get for being an anal hole >:l I was always late for class lol more then 15 minutes....

you got off lucky. my chronically late students fail my class.

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I always just got those late slips lol

...was she sobbing because she thought she was pregnant? maybe she's trying to tell you something

ya you were aiming for the last one.

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wrong post dudde its one above this


damn you need to lighten up..that is what people call karma !

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wow, you're good looking :p

116- .........because her cleavage is showing? Jeeze. How ridiculous. :/

Could you not see the cake they were holding?