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Today, after trying for several days to change some details on the social security website, I got fed up and called them. I waited nearly two hours on hold, and when I finally got through, the guy on the other end just told me to reboot my computer and try again, then hung up on me. FML
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Thats the first thing people tell you when something is wrong with technology. "Have you tried turning it on or off?"

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Ahh, gotta love the well oiled machine that is the US government.


Thats the first thing people tell you when something is wrong with technology. "Have you tried turning it on or off?"

Yeah because that's always the problem... Oh wait.

Pretty certain that 90% of the time the reason a website is functioning badly is not because of your system, so in this case, giving almost anything else for advice probably would have been more useful. Therefore, you're reasoning that it was a reasonable response isn't really justifiable. With that said, the guy on the other end could have just reacted automatically if he tends to give that as a staple first answer all day long, and they quickly hung up in embarassment after he realized his error. I think he was probably was probably just dicking around though.

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But the thing is.. Alot of the time people haven't and it ends up being as simple as that to fix something.

Bulldozer36 21

Ahh, gotta love the well oiled machine that is the US government.

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Yeah, well oiled so that it can collectively **** the American people. Oh wait, did I just say that out loud?

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#17 no you didn't you wrote it.

I hate dealing with government offices. No matter how nice you are to them they're always rude. It makes me what to rip their tongues out and beat them with it.

#19- Writing is speaking on paper. Or, electrical devices, in this case.

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#19, I did indeed speak that out loud as I was typing the comment. You don't know my life! Only the NSA does.

Well, so reboot and try again :) Isn't that an absolutely original, never heard of before, piece of advice?

You should always try rebooting first before calling. Or if you KNOW it won't help, just say you did or better yet - ask him to wait while you do.

I think the problem is that the guy just hung up on him, which is a pretty rude thing to do, instead of waiting on the phone until the problem was solved.

#4 I take it you have never spoken with anyone at a government office in your life. Those people don't give a rats ass about fixing the problem they just want to get you off the line ASAP.

31, for all you know you could be ruining their new record time for solitaire

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People are so helpful these days, it does my heart good. :)

Call and complain. After all, tech SUPPORT is supposed to be supportive...

Listen to the smart husky The husky knows...

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You got someone who speaks english? I always get someone from india.

They speak English too. Please, hang up and try your call again later.

Though with a different accent people from India do speak English very well.

Theis eees madam oochi from schemel tech support how maey I help you. Ahh Foamy the Squirrel where would I be without you

Torn by your comment, 7. I would like to say it's mildly racist, then I recall the major issues I had with a satellite company years ago where I felt horribly racist because I could barely understand their heavy accents over the phone. And I deal with people whose first language isnt english every day. :/ It can suck.

Never ask the customer support. Call and be persistent asking about what you need help with, the same situation happened to me with my Mac, so after multiple line transfers I spoke to a high up employee who ended up giving me a free laptop instead of me having to pay the $500 to fix it.

Same deal with Google customer service. It's crazy. Well hope you find a way to fix it soon OP. I'm crossing my fingers for you

On a website? I'm pretty sure that rebooting your computer wouldn't solve something on their website.