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Today, I found out that my younger sister had maxed out all three of my credit cards when I tried all three of the cards, and realized that I didn't have $5.29 to buy tampons and Advil. FML
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I thought credit cards require ID to be used.

Maybe you should depend on something other than credit cards. Like a debit card. That has your own, real money on it. But also you can report it to your credit card company, as unauthorized transactions. There is a bright side to credit cards. If you have the cash to back them up.


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wow that's a lot of money beat her ass

tampons and advil..... do you have a sore ******?

Fuhohoho!~ I'm going to assume you know nothing of the dreaded monthly curse, #18. Most darlings get horrible cramps when it hits, so they need pain killers until it passes over.

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why you ask OP question if they cant answer or atleast usually dont....

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Youneed a better place to keep them. And you should do something aboutyour little sister spending so much money.

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#1 the chick on the left is hott but the chick on the right is a total ugo!

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omg superbad I LOVE your picture!!!! it's sooo cool!!!

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#33 I have said that before!! so now there's 2...

ydi for having 3 cards instead of 1 like a normal person

Some people get more than one because they can maintain more than one to build up their credit score.

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My sister would never let me use her credit card.. As if I would max it out like the OP. No trust :P

The advil is for her CRAMPS, genius. XD

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Ouch.. unless you have super low limits that's gotta be at least 5 grand... Tell her if she doesn't return everything you're going to turn her in for credit card fraud. This reminds me of when I was 11 and placed a $2,000 order on my parents credit card for an AIBO.

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Should have just had one debit card instead, credit cards are dangerous... at least with debit you know you're using your own money.

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And OP wtf you don't have a debit card or cash? I can't imagine ever being in a situation where my credit card was the only access to $6 I had.


how the **** did she take your cards in the first place?

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lool you should drop that motherbitch!!

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seriously u don't even have 6 bucks. why are u using a credit card for that. ydi for relying on credit

It's called THEFT, people. You've never, ever left your wallet unattended for five minutes while your family's around?

why do you has credit cards? they're so pointless!! all they do is put idiots in debt sooo yeah ydi for letting yur sister use your credit cards!! fail! isn't sibling love ignoring them and not letting them touch your stuff?

maybe she had cramps not a sore ******. stupid.

why do you have no cash and why the **** does your sister have access to your credit cards?!?!?!

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I am first! tht sucks for you though

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y do you always say ****** comments?

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yea you should really have something as valuable as a credit card in a semi safe place. I have an emergency one just incase but I just use cash and debit. especially for small purchases. oh and some places done even ask you to sign for the card. I know target doesn't require a signature if the purchase is under 50$.

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I work at a restaurant and we never ask for ids, no matter how much it is

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I'd ******* kill that little bitch if she did that to me.

I thought credit cards require ID to be used.

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most places don't ask, as long as you know the it's kinda op's fault for telling her sis her pin to all three cards to begin with.

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Not always. Sometimes just a signature. Tho now they are using pin numbers more to cut down on forgeries.

I thought pin numbers were only for debit cards though. Whenever I use my card for debit, I'm required to use a PIN. If I use it for credit, I have to show ID. Hmm... Either way, if she maxed out three cards, I would think they were very high priced purchases. I certainly would grow suspicious and demand to see some ID.

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she also could've maxed them out buying stuff online...all you really need for that is the card number and expiration date.

Ah, that is very true. Well, I hope OP gets this sorted out, and I REALLY hope some sound punishment is delivered to the younger sister. If my boys ever pulled that on me, I'd make sure they'd remember to not do it again, Fuhohoho....

some places don't ask for your ID if the total is under $25.

credit cards don't have pin numbers FYI. as long as there is a signature on the back most places won't ask for ID

In the US, unless you use a PIN, the cashier is supposed to compare your signature to the one on the card. If the card isn't signed, the cashier is supposed to ask for ID. However, with so many places asking you to run your own cards nowadays, fraud is easier than ever. OP should be able to file this as fraud with the card companies to get the balances restored.

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when I use my mom's card (with permission!!), I get asked for my ID all the time. our names are completely different but just similar enough that they usually give me the benefit of the doubt. I've only been denied once and that was out of town. oh and we sign our names the same way so my ID signature resembles the one on her card too. =P

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uhm where I work I never ask for ID when ppl use credit tho... ugh I really think I should now.

Maybe you should depend on something other than credit cards. Like a debit card. That has your own, real money on it. But also you can report it to your credit card company, as unauthorized transactions. There is a bright side to credit cards. If you have the cash to back them up.

three credit cards? it's called saving!! ydi for having three!!

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$5.29 for tampons AND advil? shiiiiet. what kind of store did you go to? i spend like $5.29 on just ONE box. :/ #6: sometimes they don't ask. could be that.

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you know you could buy a divacup/mooncup for about $20-$30 and never have to spend money on tampons again?

... except those things are ******* disgusting and I'd rather die than use one.

oh my god 13 I love that pic! except for the closed part ;) op send her to work em off at mcdonalds that'd be a shitty way to pay you back

That's what I was thinking. A box of Advil starts anywhere from $3-5., and that's just the Advil.