By NotSarahConnor - 11/03/2018 20:30 - United States - Staten Island

Today, my boss thought it was funny to fire me by putting on dark sunglasses and saying "You have been terminated" in a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. FML
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Is your boss Micheal Scott?


julfunky 29
Beefmaster 4

Is your boss Micheal Scott?

First your fiance of 7 years leaves you and now your boss is the Terminator. Sounds a run of the mill B movie to me.

Oh, boy. I need to give a seminar on how to do a proper meta comment.

You should have said, “I’ll be back...with my AR-15” and then it will be “Hasta la vista, baby.” At least he didn’t put on orange spray tan and a yellow badger on his head and say “You’re fired.”

"I know now why you cry. But it is something I can never do."

If one absolutely must be fired--I think that's a pretty epic way to do so.

If he was going to fire you anyway, why not do it like that?

*best impresonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger* You got to get out of here NOW!!

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Did you drive your car through his office afterwards? That's the sensible thing to do.