By David3000 - Australia
Today, I finally finished my 500 page manuscript and so went out to buy some paper to print it off. I get back home and find out my dad has infected my computer with a virus and the only way to save it was to wipe the hard drive, which he did. That script took me a year and I have no backup. FML
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By  quiksta  |  0

[email protected] dude recommending a 2 gig drive. that was state of the art... back in '02
you can buy a tb external hard drive for less than 200 dollars these days. the fact that you even worked on such a project without caring enough to back it up makes me question the validity of how fucked the situation really is for you. if you worked on it for a year and didn't care enough to make a fail safe copy, your work probably wasn't very valuable anyway.
by the way, a MANUscript is HAND WRITTEN. MANU=MANUAL.