By Anonymous - 09/06/2011 16:35 - United States

Today, I received roughly 50 paper cuts while I was at work. I didn't realize this until after I applied hand sanitizer. FML
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RockstarRN 10

How do you NOT feel 50 paper cuts?!?!


Dude, they hurt. A lot. Imagine lemon juice. e.e

ouch. you must be really numb then? how can you not feel 50 paper cuts?

bravesfan112233 0

well, at least it killed the germs

Idonebeenhad 17

Wow 20, you look really sexy in your pic ;)

I don't usually feel my paper cuts from work until I see them. This has happened to me a good few times, I work in admin in an animal sanctuary so hygiene is important, so my little bottle of the stuff stays with me everywhere. paper hazard + alcohol = ow :(

Xr70r7 4

how do you not notice a ton of paper cuts?

BURNNN! did u skin sizzle like pop rocks!!

Huge_p3n0r 0

spank me sheriff, I'm the deputy and I've been bad!!!!


lol, how dumb would he look counting all the paper cuts, :/

Most of hand sanitizer is alcohol...

nocanhaz 4

I've never had 50 paper cuts but I get what you mean that hurts so bad. So I haven't felt your pain but a much less intense feeling.

wikkedphuka 0

Girlfriend. But then it's not masturbation anymore.

1215116a 14

OMGGGGG no way combo breakerrrr you are so funny! It's been my life goal to get rid of the fun and joy of others! No one likes a combo breaker. It ruins the fun. ):

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MarioandSonic 8

yeowch! that kills! it's happened to me before - it's horrible! fyl.

RockstarRN 10

How do you NOT feel 50 paper cuts?!?!

JustinThunder 8

Exactly what I was thinking..

It's tough to explain, my hand was once punctured by a pen. I didn't realize until an hour later when I used soap.

He must be a miner, working underground as a builder with a side hobby as a baker to have such tick skin! That or your part tree..

kc1997kc 9

I was once stabbed with a pencil and didn't feel it until the person who did it pointe it out. I've also been scratched without noticing till it was pointed out. The first one happened because I was half asleep and the second because I was having too much fun. It isn't unreasonable to not notice a paper cut.

sorry 58!!! my ipod was being stupid so i accidentally thumbed you down when i meant to thumb you up. D:

One time my sister fell through a glass table and she got a huge gash in her leg. She didn't notice until our cousin pointed put that her pants were all bloody.

SoccerBitch113 0

I can't imagine the pain you went through. But at least now you'll know not to use sanitizer again.

That's like saying, "Oh look, someone drowned, I'm never drinking water again!"

I meant while he had the papercuts on his hands. Sorry for not making that clearer.

I'm pretty sure if OP had known he had the paper cuts he wouldn't have used the hand sanitized.

Oops, sanitizer* no idea why that auto corrects