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  Iskaria  |  0

I don't usually feel my paper cuts from work until I see them. This has happened to me a good few times, I work in admin in an animal sanctuary so hygiene is important, so my little bottle of the stuff stays with me everywhere.

paper hazard + alcohol = ow :(

  1215116a  |  14

OMGGGGG no way combo breakerrrr you are so funny! It's been my life goal to get rid of the fun and joy of others!

No one likes a combo breaker. It ruins the fun. ):

  kc1997kc  |  9

I was once stabbed with a pencil and didn't feel it until the person who did it pointe it out. I've also been scratched without noticing till it was pointed out. The first one happened because I was half asleep and the second because I was having too much fun. It isn't unreasonable to not notice a paper cut.

  YacL  |  15

One time my sister fell through a glass table and she got a huge gash in her leg. She didn't notice until our cousin pointed put that her pants were all bloody.